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Welcome to Mrs Barnett's Home Page. For the school year 2018/2019 I will be teaching Foods 1000, Foods 2000/3000. I will assist with the organization of Commencement 2019. I am a proud mother and grandmother. I love to garden, read and play with my grandchildren.

Welcome to Ms. Barnett's home page!

I teach  Foods! 1000/2000/3000

Please see my Moodle pages for Module Calendars and Evaluation procedures.

If you need to reach me you can email me at:

email : or phone: 403-272-8868 x 4569

Home Study Tips:


  1. Regular attendance is vital for success
  2. Being on time is a requirement - when you are late, you miss vital instruction and interrupt the learning of others. There should be NO homework in Foods, as the curriculum has been designed that all work can be completed and evaluated during class time. A work ethic is vital.
  3. An apron and a hair net are required for foods. An Electronic Device is a requirement. However, Cell Phones DO NOT count as an electronic device for the one to one initiative.
  4. Safety and Sanitation is vital in a Foods environment - No electronic devices are permitted in the kitchen area and will be confiscated and given to Administration
  5. The use of electronic devices requires adherence to proper precedures and responsibility.
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