Mr. Mitschke's Page

Hello and welcome to Mr. Mitschke's home page!

I teach Science, Chemistry, Paleontology and Biology!

Please see the subject folders, on your left, for the specific courses that I am currently teaching.  In each folder you will find course outlines and links to my Moodle pages.  Each Moodle page contains everything that I will be using for that particular course such as; important dates, homework calendar, course notes, assignments, videos, etc. If you need to reach me, please email me at:

email : or phone: 403-272-8868 x 4560

Tips for Success in Science:


  1. Set aside 10 minutes each day to review the topics that we covered in class.
  2. Keep all of your materials organized and be aware of upcoming due dates for assignments and tests.
  3. If you are absent for a class, make sure that you catch up with any concepts covered by reviewing my notes/textbook and discussion with your classmates and myself.
  4. Take risks, ask questions, and do not be afraid to challenge yourself! I am available outside of class time if you require extra help.
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