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I teach Leadership, English & Social!

Please see the subject folders, on your left, for the specific courses that I am currently teaching.  In each folder you will find related course outlines and major assignments.  Marks are regularly updated in PowerSchool, and parents are notified of missing assignments by email.

If you need to reach me you can email me at


Social Studies

Please see attached course outlines for course information

Students will examine the origins, values and components of competing ideologies.  They will explore multiple perspectives regarding relationships among individualism, liberalism, common good and collectivism.  An examination of various political and economic systems will allow students to determine the viability of the values of liberalism.  Developing understandings of the roles and responsibilities associated with citizenship will encourage students to respond to emergent global issues.

Parents and students are asked to remember that the process is just as important as the end result!  Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through a variety of assessment tools.  Students and parents are asked to keep a close eye on the mark in powerschool.


Home Study Tips:


  • Keep up with current events - TV, internet, radio, smart phone apps
  • Practice source analysis - political cartoons, photos, propaganda posters, quotations, historical passages, etc.
  • Read, read, read! (this includes assigned sections of the textbook)
  • Do not simply cram the night before an exam.  Spread out your study time.


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    English Language Arts

    Please see attached course outlines for course information.

    Students will focus on ethics and morals this semester, as well as a journey of self-discovery through text. We will be focusing on critical writing, in particularly essay development and formatting, and improving our critical thinking and argumentation skills.  A semester long novel study and self-exploration project will take up the majority of our time.

    ***Time management, planning and completion of assignments is integral to the successful completion of a -1 course in any discipline. It is your responsibility in completing coursework. I am available if/when you need any additional assistance or help.

    Leadership 10, 20 & 30.

    Leadership Information:

    Leadership 10 & Seeds Connections 10

    Seeds Connections: Students will be completing the Connection program - a Multicultural, Environmental Leadership Program. Successful completion of the course includes participating in the three components of the Connections Program. This includes pre-trip online activities; four day off-site residential experience at Kamp Kiwanis followed by post-trip online activities and final project presentation.
    As there is limited space, students will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Please be aware that there is a $225 fee associated with the program (Although this is a $2000 per student program, sponserships cover the majority of the costs)
    More information can be found on

    Leadership 20 & 30 students will be completing some research on leadership styles and leaders, before planning and executing a variety of projects.  Students will also be involved in the Mentorship program (information pending), participate in community volunteer opportunities.


    email : or phone: 403-272-8868 x 4518
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