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Please see the subject folders, on your left, for the specific courses that I am teaching.  In each folder you will find related homework calendars, course outlines, links to my Moodle pages, and any other resources that will be useful to you in these courses. If you need to reach me you can email me at:

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Home Study Tips:

  1. Read the question carefully - sometimes it is easier to read the last statement of the question, then go back and read the question from the beginning. Feel free to underline key terms in the question.
  2. When you are creating a strategy to solve the question, ask yourself if there is a specific math skill that you need to use in your strategy.
  3. Apply your strategy to the problem to arrive at an answer. Be sure to include your process in your solution - with your process recorded you can see where you went wrong if your answer is wrong (learn from your mistakes !!). If your solution is correct, you have a great example of how to answer that type of question.
  4. Does the answer seem reasonable? If it does not try a different approach, ask a neighbour, go to extra math help and ask your teacher, ask your uncle Fred....ASK! Do not use 'giving up' as an option - its only Math, how bad can it be?
June 18/19:
Math 30-3 - Mid Term B - Polygons, Transformations & Finance.
Math 30-2 - review In Class Final Exam - Diploma is tomorrow.
CALM - discussed a video about physiological responses humans have to certain stimuli - excellent video to view before Exam Week.
June 17/19
Math 30-3 - generate 'cheat notes' for tomorrow's Exam and finish up last minute assignemnts.
Math 30-2 - In Class Final Exam.
CALM - due date for Moving Out Project.
June 14/19:
Math 30-3 - projects are due. Work period - all assignemnts must be completed and handed in before the Mid Term.
Math 30-2 - optional Unit Test. Review /work period.
CALM - Moving Out Project.
June 13/19:
Math 30-3 - we reviewed the use of technology in determining the monthly costs for financing a purchase. Assigned H.O. 4.1; # 1 - 4, p. 194; # 1-3
Math 30-2 - today was our last day to look at logic - geometric, numerical patterns, puzzle and game strategies. For the last half of the class we reviewed the chapter test on Probability. An optional Unit Test on Perms&Combs and Probability tomorrow.
CALM - a big thank you to Ms. Chernov's Leadership students for their presentation on being a positive influence in our school and the community at large. Moving Out Projects due Monday.
June 12/19:
Math 30-3 - attendance was down due to Part A (English). We looked at using downloaded programs to calculate monthly costs for financing vehicle purshases. Assigned H.O. 4.1. Projects due Monday.
Math 30-2 - we looked at Logicical Reasoning today by starting with the circle game and then went on to find patterns in geometric shapes, numbers and words. No HW assigned. There will be an optional Unit Test on Perms&Combs and Probability on Friday.
CALM - Moving Out Project - parents - talk to your child about  the cost of feeding them...they are struggling with the concept.
June 11/19:
Math 30-3 - students began work on the final chapter in Math - the project is based on starting a business. This is the only class that will be given for the project - it is due Monday of next week.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a chapter test on Probability. No new HW assigned. Optional unit test on Perms&Combs and Probability on Friday for those who choose.
CALM - Moving Out Project.
June 10/19:
Math 30-2 - last day to complete worksheets on chapter 6 (Hand outs) Test tomorrow on Transformations.
Math 30-2 - we finished off Lesson 5 and 6 today on Probability - test tomorrow. Assigned L5; #4-10, L6; # 1 - 4. This is a tight timeline - Part A Diplomas start Wednesday.
CALM - we began our Moving Out Project today - it will be due in one week.
June 7/19:
Math 30-3 - we finished our work on the capter on Transformations and will be writing a Chapter Test on Monday. Monday will also be the last day to hand in any late assignments.
Math 30-2 - we completed the first half of L5 (short classes today) so we will finish up the chapter on Monday. Due to Part A Diploma Exams on Wednesday and Thursday, we have to write our Probability Chapter test on Tuesday.Attendance is vital the last couple of weeks of school! Assigned L5; # 4- 10.
CALM - last day for resumes.
June 6/19:
Math 30-3 - last of the transformations (a test is not far off!). We looked at rotations today and the rules that wok for determining the coordinates of the image, given the original. Assigned H.O. 6.4
Math 30-2 - conditional, independent and dependent probabilities. Tough lesson - be sure to consider the appropriate formula while working on the assignment. Assigned L4; # 4 - 10. Chapter test on Tuesday.
CALM - students should be finishing up their resumes. They are due tomorrow
June 5/19:
Math 30-3 - students finished working on hand out 6.3 (reflections).
Math 30-2 - students have requested a work period to get caught was it.
CALM - students worked on ther resumes.
June 4/19:
Math 30-3 - we reviewed the first Mid Term Exam - questions students had were answered. The rest of he period was spent dealing with reflections. Assigned p. 265-266; #1 - 5. H.O. 6.3 will be handed out tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - the probability of mutually exclusive and non mutually exclusive events was investigated. Students must be able to recognise each situation since it has implications on the choice of formula to be used. Assigned L3; ALL
CALM - reflection forms for yesterday's speaker - now that we have a much better grasp on what a resume should do and what it should look like, students should be producing quality resumes.
June 3/19:
Math 30-3 - we reviewed the first 2 transformations today and used the rest of the class as a work period.
Math 30-2 - lesson 2 on odds/probabilities and the language behind the ideas. Assigned L2; ALL We are coming into a very intense part of the year where all courses will be having assessments of one kind or another. Please take care to stay on top of your school obligations - for those of you who maintain employment...keep your employers in the loop as to what's going on in school - you may need their understanding.
CALM - thank you Violet for sharing youe expertise on all things employment. Students have access to a huge resource in the form of the YEC.
May 30/19:
Math 30-3 - we began work on translations (the 2nd of 4 transformations). Assigned H.O. 6.2.

Math 30-2 - a large number of illnesses today meant poor attendance (cough, cough) so we started with a review of probability and compound probabilities. Assigned L1; ALL Congratulations to all of our Grads!!

CALM - students began working on their resumes.
May 29/19:
Math 30-3 - from our discussions yesterday on transformations, students were assigned H.O. 6.1.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a Chapter Test on Permutations & Combinations. No new HW assigned.
CALM - a quick interest inventory before we start work on resumes.
May 28/19:
Math 30-3 - we began our look into transformations with a quick inventory of what students know. Assigned p. 266-267.
Math 30-2 - the am class covered some last minute details with Perms&Combs in L7 - this lesson is a case of making sure all the possible arrangements have been dealt with. Assigned L7; ALL. For the pm class I had 3 lovely grade 11 students work on L7 while the G12 students went and did their "Grad Thing". We'll finish up the chapter tomorrow - Test on Thursday.
CALM - a big thank you to Kim for coming in and spealking to the class about the sensitive subject of suicide. Reflection due tomorrow.
May 27/19:
Math 30-3 - students wrote a Mid Term. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - finished off the 2nd half of L6 - solving combinations for n. Assigned remainder of L6. Test on Thursday.
CALM - a big CHS thank you to Carlie from AHS - reflection forms due tomorrow.
May 24/19:
Math 30-3 - last day to prpare for the Mid Term on monday. We reviewed concepts from the linear relations and probability /measurement chapters. Cheat notes will be allowed for Monday's test.
Math 30-2 - combinations with at most and at least problems (using the complement) and combinations that are equivalent. Assigned L6; # 1 - 5. All projects in by midnight please.
CALM - the tax assignemnt - how much do you pay for a given amount of taxable can you reduce your taxable income. Assignment due Monday.
May 23/19:
Math 30-3 - we reviewed the key concepts from our Statistics chapter today. Mid term on Monday. Assigned p. 103 - 104.
Math 30-2 - combinations were discussed and we all agreed they are super fun. Assigned L5; ALL Test on Thursday!! Projects due tomorrow (11:59 pm)
CALM - Taxes...nuff said.
May 22/19:
Math 30-3 - we continued our review for the MidTerm.
Math 30-2 - today students were given class time to work on their projects. Projects are due Friday, May 24.
CALM - we talked about taxes, deductions, services ...all things revolvng around paycheques.
May 21/19:
Math 30-3 - we did a quick review to generate some cheat notes for our mid term. Tomorrow we'll look at Measurement & Probability as well as Statistics.
Math 30-2 - L4 on Permutations with repetitions as weel as pathways (using repetition formula and a grid). Assigned L4; ALL
CALM - we are starting our work on MONEY. We seemed to agree that everybody likes it but we will work on the big picture points like...revenue, expenses, personal views on spending to name but a few.
May 16/19:
Math 30-3 - due to attendance issues (Senior Skip Day....not sure if actually a thing but...) - students, all 9 of them, reviewed Trig for the impending Mid Term Exam.
Math 30-2 - we looked at Permutations and the notation that goes with it. Assigned L3; ALL
CALM - last day for projects on 4 careers.
May 15/19:
Math 30-3 - students wrote a chapter test on Polygons. At the end of class we began our review in preparation for MidTerm A next week.
Math 30-2 - we investigated permutations today using FCP, tree diagrams, factorial notation and the nPr function on our graphing calculators. Assigned L2; The rest.
CALM - many students are just finishing up their 4 careers project. Parents please discuss the permission forms with your child - I'm still missing a few.
May 14/19:
Math 30-3 - we have postponed the test until tomorrow. All Chap 5 assignments due tomorrow - no extensions.
Math 30-2 - we began our investigation into factorial notation and how it applies to FCP. Assigned L2; # 1 - 6.
CALM - students continued to work on their 4 Careers project - due date is Thursday, May 16.
May 13/19:
Math 30-3 - inprearation for tomorrow's test, students were given a review. Warm Up due tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - conditions on the fundamental counting principle - including 'or' statements and how they impact the calulation of arrangements. Assigned L1; ALL.
CALM - a big thank you to Carlie from AHS who spoke to the class about sexual health - Parents ,we still have quite a few students who have not had their permission forms addressed.
May 10/19:
Math 30-3 - students worked on lines of symmetry within the context of regular For patterns) and iregular polygons. Assigned H.O. 5.3. Test on Tuesday.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a chapter test on Set Theory. No new HW assigned.
CALM - work period.
May 9/19:
Math 30-3 - we are finishing up our work on polygons with a look at lines of symmetry. Assigned 5.3 - Test on Monday.
Math 30-2 - we investigated the fundamental counting principle and how it saves us from constructing outrageous tree diagrams. The concept of restrictions was also examined so students should know that they are done first and the rest of the choices done after. Test tomorrow on L1 - 4  from the Set Theory and Logic chapter Assigned L1; # 1 - 7.
CALM - project work.
May 8/19:
Math 30-3 - today is the last day to complete 5.2 - we will look at symmetry tomorrow and finish off the chapter Friday. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a Rationals/Poly&Sine Functions Unit Test today. No new HW assigned.
CALM - students are beginning their investigations into how to construct a pathway to the career they want. This investigation will culminate with a project - the big picture idea here is to get students to not just think about future career, but also the details that go into achieving the career as the end product of a long thoughtful process.
May 7/19:
Math 30-3 - I'll be checking homework tomorrow for H.O. 5.1 and p. 241-243 - students please ensure they are ready.
Math 30-2 - in preparation for tomorrow's unit test, we reviewed the Rationals Chapter Test and spent the rest of the class working on the review questions. Review questions due tomorrow. Unit Test tomorrow.
CALM - students completed a satisfaction survey for RVS and completed the reflection form from yesterday's guest speaker, Peter Banks.
May 6/19:
Math 30-3- today we looked at parallel lines and transversals knowing these concepts will help us look at quadrilaterals with a new understanding of how the diagonals interact with the side lengths. Assigned H.O. 5.2.
Math 30-2 - we looked very briefly at some terms that coincide with set theory. The rest of the epriod was spent working on the Practice Test or the Review questions - Unit Test is Wednesday (Review questions are due then).
CALM - many thanks to our guest speaker, Peter Banks, for his story of decision making ad resilience. Parents, please discuss today's CALM class with your child - some of the material was tough to hear.
May 3/19:
Math 30-3 - we looked into the use of diagonals to determine if a quadrilateral is 'square' or not. Assigned p. 241 - 243; # 1 - 9
Math 30-2 - Venn diagrams with 3 sets/circles. Assigned L4; ALL
CALM - students wrote a reflection form on yesterday's guest speaker; we are beginning our investigations into MyBluePrint, starting with the self surveys (there are 5 of them).
May 2/19:
Math 30-3 - we discussed tessellations in a bit more detail today - 5.1 is now overdue. We reviewed answers to the Measurement & Probability Test as well. Mid Term Exam A is next week.
Math 30-2 - work period - Unit Reviews were handed out - Unit Test on Wednesday.
CALM - a big thank you to Constable Keith Anderson for coming in to speak to our class about drugs, alcohol, decision making and the law. Reflection forms will be handed out tomorrow.
May 1/19:
Math 30-3 - we talked about tessellations and how patterns can be repeated, for both artistic reasons as well as structural reasons. We watched a video on The Great Cathedral Mystery - the Santa Maria Cathedral in Florence Italy, where the dome constructed was not only the largest ever built, but also done in a way never even imaged before using engineering methods the world had never seen ( PBS - NOVA production). H.O. 5.1 due tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - remember Venn diagrams and all the fun they gave?! Well we looked at the set notation (using elements) and constructed Venn diagrams using shading so students could visually see what the intersection and union look like. This is a brief introduction to the use of formulae written using sets. Assigned L3; ALL
CALM - last class for HCS3000 - from here on all students must complete the course in their FLT's or at home.
April 30/19:

Math 30-3 - we have insestigated the relationships between the number of sides of polygons and the sum of the interior angles. Assigned Hand out 5.1.
Math 30-2 - we completed the 2nd half of lesson 2 on set notation a, intersections and unions. Assigned the remainder of L2.
CALM - students continued to work on HCS3000. Tomorrow will be the last class to finish this online course.
April 29/19:

Math 30-3 - we investigated the relationship betwen the number of sides a polygon has and the number of triangles that can be made from a regular polygon and the sum of its interior angles. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - set notation and a host of definitions. This chapter is very heavy in terms of new vocabulary and the application of the concepts they represent. Assigned L2; # 1 - 7. The next Unit Test will be Wednesday, mAy 8 on Rationals and Poly/Sine Functions. Review packages will be handed out on Friday.
CALM - HCS3000.
April 18/19:
Math 30-3 - students wrote a chapter test on linear relations. Today was the last chance to hand in work for the chapter. No loose strings - enjoy the break everyone!
Math 30-2 - we did group work today (readers, recorders and presenters thank you). Students left their workbooks for me to mark so no HW in Math - we'll reconvene after the break. Happy Spring Break!!
CALM - HCS 3000 - we'll try and wrap it up when students return after the break.
April 17/19:
Math 30-3 - last work period before tomorrow's chapter test on linear relations. Test tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a chapter test on polynomial and sinusoidal functions. No new HW.
CALM - challenge: get the first 2 quizzes done and I'll give you a treat (donuts seem to work).
April 16/19:
Math 30-3 - the last hand out (.3) was distributed today. We have already done explorations into the differences between direct and partial variation in terms of equations, graphs and tables of value. A chapter test is scheduled for Thursday - lets do a good job of this and go into springbreak  and relax!
Math 30-2 - today we reviewed for our chapter test on tomorrow. Assigned L8 (Practice Test). Test tomorrow.
CALM - today was our first full day of working on our Workplace Safety course, HCS 3000. All students must complete this course - it is worth a credit.
April 15/19:
Math 30-3 -the differences between direct and partial variation was looked at today. How students can tell the difference between the 2 by way of graphs, equations and tables of value was discussed and examples explored. Assigned p. 147; # 1 - 7.
Math 30-2 - how do sinusoidal functions look when using them in problem solving questions? We looked at 2 examples of scenerios where functions had to be constructed (either by calculating/finding the parameters) or by regression (using the table of value to find the regression equation and the line of best fit). Assigned L7; ALL
CALM - we had a conversation about high school and what the benefits/disadvantages are between high school and middle school. Once the expectations/freedoms/responsibilities discussion was finished we looked at the course outline and where the marks come from and then began work on HCS3000 - the workplace safety course that is run through Moodle.
April 12/19:
Math 30-3 - we finished off the H.O. 3.2. We will be having a Chapter 3 test next week.
Math 30-2 - we finished off lesson 6 - the material dealt with finding maximums and minimums from the a and d parameters and creating sinusoidal functions from a graph. Assigned L6 ; ALL
CALM - we watched a video on perserverance and how to create habits which lead to fulfilling one's potential and creating behaviours that will lead to success. Students completed a reflection form based on the video or our guest speaker Dan from Wednesday's class.
April 11/19:
Math 30-3 - students worked on H.O. 3.2. Marks were given (or not) for the textbook assignment from p. 130-131. We are going to wrap up this chapter shortly and begin preparing for our Mid Term A Exam next week. Assigned H.O 3.2.
Math 30-2 - we have already dealt with the a and b parameters of the sin function, and today we began our investigation into the c and d parameters - what do they do, how do the values affect the graphs? Assigned L6; # 1 - 5.
CALM - we did the introductions to CALM (what does it take to do well.....what do you need to do to fail...that kind of stuff). We started by having the students do a Biopoem - it gives me an idea of what they value, what they enjoy, and what qualifies as special. No HW assigned - time was given in class to get the poem done.
April 10/19:
Math 30-3 - we began looking at linear equations with direct variation where the line passes through the origin and increases or decreases by a constant. Assigned p. 131 - 132; ALL.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a unit test on exponential and logarithmic functions&applications. No new HW assigned.
CALM - first day today...welcome. We started with a guest speaker who presented information about trade occupations and the RAP program that is run here at the school. We  also discussed the Skills competition and how it can have a positive impact on future endeavors.
April 9/19:
Math 30-3 - the hand out 3.1 was due by the end of class today. No ne HW given. We start with direct variation and linear equations tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - we started by reviewing the last chapter test on exponential and logarithmic applications; the remainder of the class was a work period. Unit Test tomorrow - lots riding on this one!!
CALM - last CALM class - we watched 2 TED Talks videos to inspire and focus students for the rest of the semester...or at least that's what I tell myself.
April 8/19:
Math 30-3 - marks were given for the 2 textbook assignments (p. 110 and 117). Hand out 3.1 was given - due by class end tomorrow. Please be careful when graphing!
Math 30-2 - we began work on periodic functions and the a and b parameters, and how they impact equations and graphs. Assigned L5; ALL
CALM - to wrap up the course, we took a look at the Simon Sinek video on milllenials and how they interact with their world. Interesting feedback from the students in terms of social media use and literacy.
April 5/19
Math 30-3 - we began looking at graphing with an eye on the patterns that are produced (linear vs non-linear). Assigned p. 117-119; # 1 - 5
Math 30-2 - we discussed any issues with the unit circle and graphing sin and cos functions. I handed out a review assignment which is due Tuesday of next week to be followed by a Unit Test on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions/Applications on Wednesday. No lates will be accepted for the Review since I will be posting the solutions after class on Tuesday (and 'forgetting' still doesn't work).
CALM - last day for moving out projects.
April 4/19:
Math 30-3 - we began the next chapter today - Linear Relations. The discussion started with a general chat about how patterns can be expressed as data, ordered pairs, graphs or equations. Assigned p. 110-111.
Math 30-2 - a look into expressing central angles of a unit circle based on the distance around the arc (radians!). We took some time to explore the graphing calculator and the settings for radians vs degrees. Assigned L4; ALL.
CALM - tomorrow is the last day for the moving out projects.
April 3/19:
Math 30-3 - students wrote a chapter test on Statistics. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we took a look back at plotting points and creating regression equations that match - it is review in nature but an important skill for future work (in periodic functions). Assigned L3; #3-8.
CALM - the due date for the moving out project will be Friday - money is hard!!
April 2/19:
Math 30-3 - we discussed the use of rank (or position) for calculating percentiles. This concept is a bit elusive for some since the values of a number tend to play a secodary role to its position. Assigned: HO WarmUp. Test tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - we looked at the characteristics of cubic functions - even more fun than it sounds!. Assigned L2; ALL
CALM - moving out project.
April 1/19:
Math 30-3 - test will be on Wednesday of this week. We went over some of the more common mistakes on H.O. 2.2. Students worked on 2.3 which is due tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - PowerSchool was been updated. Today we began with a review of degree 0, 1, and 2 functions. Assigned L1; ALL
CALM - the moving out project starts today.
Mar 29/19:
Math 30-3 - finish up 2.3. Test will be Wednesday.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a chapter test on Log/Expo was glorious. We will begin the Polynomials/Trig chapter on Monday.
CALM - last day to work on food guide posters.
Mar 28/19:
Math 30-3 - Hand out 2.1 was returned. Questions regarding scatterplots were dealt with and the hand out assignment 2.3 was given. There will be a test next week since H.O. 2.3 is the last section of this chapter. Hand out 2.3 due tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - today was a work period for students to get the practice test done and also ask any outstanding questions they may have. There is a test tomorrow and students are asked to hand in their workbooks prior to the test.
CALM - today was a work period - food guide projects are due tomorrow.
Mar 27/19:
Math 30-3 - we looked at how to construct and interpret a scatter plot. The ordered pairs to the graph and graph to ordered pairs. The notion of comparing 2 quantities and which is the dependent and independent variable was discussed. Assigned p. 100-101; # 1 - 6.
Math 30-2 - Richter scale, pH scale, and Bels. There is a common overlap to these questions and students were given examples of each. Assigned L9; All (omit #7). The chapter test has been moved to Friday. Sign up for FLT if you think you'll need extra time.
CALM - Violet was our guest speaker today. Violet is from the Calgary Youth Employment Centre and gave a detailed insight into how to track down jobs and establish the proper documentation. The pitfalls of resumes, cover letters and job interviews were discussed. Thank you Violet. Deadline for the food guide project has been extended to Friday.
Mar 26/19:
Math 30-3 - we finished off our work on percentiles/ranking. Students still struggle with the notion of a numbers's place in a set of ordered data, vs its value. Hand out 2.2 is due tomorrow. A test is approaching - stay tuned for an announcement by Friday.
Math 30-2 - we continued on with log equations by building on our work on compound interest to include other equations where we have to build the exponential equations ( the base and the a parameter), by reading the context of a question. This context extended to half life and doubling questions where our base was 1/2 and 2. Assigned L8; # 4 - 12.
CALM - I handed out the rubriv for the food guide project  - many students in the class are dragging their feet so a reminder of how they are being assessed was given. Due date is tomorrow.
Mar 25/19:
Math 30-3 - we explored percentiles and what they mean in the context of a set of data. Students were then assigned p. 90; # 1 - 6.
Math 30-2 - we finished off the lesson on interest today. Compound interest is an exponential function - questions around this function do require solving log equations from time to time. Assigned; remainder of L7.
CALM - work period for food guide project
Math 30-3 - Hand out 2.2 was given - it includes a page on the 7 vocabulary words that students must become familiar with. We will look into percentiles on Monday. Have a good weekend.
Math 30-2 - we began our look into finance with simple and compound interest - the compound interest will be most of what we do as it relates directly with exponential and logarithmic functions. Assigned L7; # 1 - 7. We will finish L7 on Monday. Our chapter test will be Thursday.
CALM - we continued with our work on the Canada Food Guide. The due date for the project is Wednesday.
Math 21/19: Parent Teacher Interviews
Math 30-3 - students spent the period finishing p. 86 and the 2.1 handout. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we began solving different types of exponential and logarithmiv equations. This material can be challenging. Assigned L6; # 2, 3, 5, 6a, 7.
CALM - the Canada Food Guide project started today.
Mar 20/19:
Math 30-3 - students worked on H.O. 2.1 - there are still some difficulties with the individual measures - you must know how to calculate each by name. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - the weekend Math Parties are really starting to pay off. Today was the last skill based lesson on logs - tomorrow we begin with the applications part of the program. Assigned L5; ALL - discussed the possibility of a test next Thursday. I'll firm up the date before the weekend.
CALM - last day to hand in the Consumerism assignment. Students should have a rough idea as to what their attitudes are concerning money - ask them about their score on the survey. No new HW assigned.
Mar 19/19:
Math 30-3 - work period. Students finished up the assignment on mean, weighted mean and the other measures of central tendency. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we got through the log laws. This will be the focus for the next class or 2. After we attain some proficiency with logs, in comes the context in which the laws are quite useful. Assigned: L4; ALL.
CALM - we are beginning our look into money by having students assess what their ideas on money actually are. Assigned Consumerism hand out. Due tomorrow. Talk to your parental units about your survey scores!!.
Mar 15/19:
Math 30-3 - we discussed, with an example, the differences between mean and weighted mean. Also, the general notion that measures of central tendency may be influenced by context; not in the calculation but in which measure is chosen. Assigned p. 76; # 1 - 5.
Math 30-2 - work period for the morning class due to attendance. For the afternoon class, we looked at how the log laws are related to exponent laws, and that similar to exponent laws, they only work with expressions that have common bases. Assigned L4; #1 - 6.
CALM - a bit of a work day - I am still missing some cover letters and the tax assignemnt. Students had the period to finish those.
Mar 14/19:
Math 30-3 - after dealing with questions regarding stem and leaf plots and how to interpret the data organized in this fashion, we looked at mean, median and mode. Assigned H.O. Stem&Leaf Plots.
Math 30-2- - solving for a log value - variations this type of questions has including a base that is e, a fraction, and an argument which is a monomial or binomial. Assigned L3; ALL
CALM - just a catch up day. Tax assignment should be in no later than tomorrow..
Mar 13/19:
Math 30-3 - we began statistics today with a bit of a review of the 3 measures of central tendency and a discussion as to why the context of stats is important. The first assignemnt is based on mean, medial and mode as well as the stem and leaf plot. Assigned p. 68/69; # 1 - 6.
Math 30-2 - we began work on the conversion of exponential and logarithmic forms and how they compare to what we did with the graphing calculator. Assigned L2; ALL
CALM - more about taxes - today's assignment will give students a bit of an idea of how the 3 mandatory deductions are calculated and where the tax revenue goes. We will continue with it tomorrow.
Mar 12/19:
Math 30-3 - there was no class today as students had an assembly - MADD presentation.
Math 30-2 - parents, I have entered the first 2 chapter test scores on to PowerSchool. Today we began the algebraic way of looking into exponential expressions and equations - common bases was the common theme. Assigned L1; # 3 - 13.
CALM - who doesn't enjoy a good chat about taxes. It may not seem relevant, but we looked at the 3 levels of government and how they generate revenue to pay for the programs and services that are under their responsibilities. From this we managed to get to the mandatory deductions on a paycheque. This may seem premature, but at some point there will be a job in the future. Assigned Paycheque hand out - due tomorrow.
Mar 11/19:
Math 30-3 - students handed in Warm Up assignment and wrote a chapter test on Probability and Measurement. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - review assignment due. Students wrote a chapter test on Exponential&Logarithmic Functions. No new HW assigned.
CALM - we continued our work on cover letters.
Mar 8/19:
Math 30-3 - in preparation for Monday's test, students were asked to complete the review assignment. Assigned WarmUp. Due Monday. Test on Monday.
Math 30-2 - a review assignment was given - the due date is Monday. Chapter test Monday.
CALM - we began work on our cover letteres. No new HW assigned.
Mar 7/19:
Math 30-3 - we're not quite ready for that test!! We'll put off the test until Monday so we all have our proverbial ducks in a row. H.O. 1.4 is due. I'll give the review tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - much to the disappointment of everyone, the chapter test on Expo/Log Functions has been delayed until Monday. Be sure your workbooks are in top shape.
CALM - resumes are now due. We'll begin with cover letters tomorrow.
Mar 6/19:
Math 30-3 - we continued on with chapter 1 on measurement and probability. We reviewed the math behind predicting outcomes and how to deal with independant events. Assigned H.O. 1.4 - due tomorrow. Test on Friday.
Math 30-2 - BIG lesson on regressions. How can we go from a table of values to an equation that we can then use to create a graph? All these questions and more were discussed - unfortunately some students still need a graphing calculator and the Library has exhausted its rental supply. Assigned L5 - L6, the Practice Test will be for tomorrow and the test on Friday.
CALM - a big thank you to Kimberly for coming in a speaking to our students about suicide prevention - what to look for, how to help and all the details that go along with it. Its a big topic that will resonate differently with each students - good time to pick up the conversation at home. No new HW assigned.
Mar 5/19:
Math 30-3 - a couple of things: remember to look closely at how probability and odds are converted, and when calculating independent events, multiply the probabilities of the individual events. No new HW assigned. H.O. 1.3 is due tomorrow. There will be a chapter test on Friday.
Math 30-2 - we continued with a graphing calculator lesson - there are some studets who have still not arranged for a calculator - that is an unwise strategy. Assigned L4; ALL. There will be a chapter test on Friday.
CALM - tomorrow is the deadline for resumes. We did have a chat about how important some of the little things are on a resume; spelling, unctuation, grammar, volunteer experience, driver's license, 2nd languages, lifegaurd certifications, CPR, First aid.. that kind of thing. Also, its important to keep personal records of jobs that you have/get. At some point telling a potential employer about the duration of a job you had gets a little fuzzy over time.
Mar 4/19:
Math 30-3 - I wasn't here today so the assigned lesson was; p. 33/34; # 1-10 and p. 36/37; # 1-6.
Math 30-2 - Assigned Lesson 3; ALL
CALM - handouts were given on how to create a resume. Many students have prior knowledge of this and may have a pre existing resume, its important that they create a new one - there grade 8 resume should not be the same as their grade 10 one.
Mar 1/19:
Math 30-3 - H.O. 1.1 was handed out today. Some students are struggling with the language - its not a mystery; keep an eye on the units of measure and how'precise' they are. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we looked at the inverse of exponential functions today and called them log functions. We will continue with our studies into logs on Monday. No new HW assigned.
CALM - today is the due date for the 4 careers project. Marks will be posted this weekend.
Feb 28/19:
Math 30-3 - we discussed the differences between accuracy and precision. Units of measure were also discussed - what is an appropriate measurement for short vs long distances as an example. Assigned textbook p. 9, 10; # 1 - 9 and p. 13, 14; # 1 - 7
Math 30-2 - we finished our investigation of exponential functions by looking at what the parameter 'a' does. In review we notes all the possible combinations of the characteristics arising from changes to 'b' and 'a'. Tomorrow we will look at finding the inverse of an exponential function (....wait for it....its a log function!!) and how we can use logs to solve for variables in the exponent position. Assigned L2; # 5 - 15.
CALM - we continued with the project on 4 careers. They are due tomorrow.
Feb 27/19:
Math 30-3 - a bit of a work period as students regain their study habits after the break. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we began exploring exponential functions starting with the b parameter; what creates a decreasing graph, what creates an increasing graph. We also reviewed the 3 methods for finding the inverse of a function - this will come in handy when we look for the inverse of an exponential function. Assigned L2; # 1 - 4.
CALM - a new project was given out today based on the results of the MyBlueprint survey conducted yesterday. Students are asked to pick 4 of the suggested careers and answer a series of questions related to those suggestions. The due date for this is Friday.
Feb 26/19:
Math 30-3 - we continued on with our work on odds and probability. Assigned H.O. 1.2. Due tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - inverse functions - we investigated how to find the inverse of a function graphically, using ordered pairs, and with equations. Assigned L1; # 4 - 10.
CALM - all students took a survey on MyBlueprint. Although many have taken this survey before, I emphisized how interests and abilities change over time so the repetition was unavoidable. No new HW assigned.
Feb 25/19:
Math 30-3 - we began a new chapter today on measurement and probability. Students were asked to hand in their Trig chapter work so it can be stored by me. I will hand them back prior to their Midterm Exam so they may use it for studying purposes. Assigned p. 24, 25; # 1 - 7.
Math 30-2 - we began the first chapter of the Log/Exponents unit today. We reviewed the exponent laws. Assigned L1; # 1 - 3
CALM - be are beginning to investigate jobs and careers. To start the ideas  flowing, we looked into the most disgusting job that there is - winner of what I consider to be the most disgusting job will win a prize....a donut...or something cheap like that.
Feb 14/19:
Math 30-3 - students wrote a Trig Chapter Test. No new HW.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a RationalsExpression&Equations Chapter Test. No new HW.
CALM - today was our last day for HCS3000. The marks for this course will be entered after we get back from break.
Feb 13/19:
Math 30-3 - the review assignment was given in preparation of tomorrow's test.
Math 30-2 - we discussed issues with the word problems. Some students have the unfortunate habit of solving all sorts of lovely equations while still not answering the question. READ THE QUESTION THOROUGHLY. Test tomorrow - do as much of the Practice Test as you think you need in order to be prepared.
CALM - HCS 3000 - the suffering continues.
Feb 12/19:
Math 30-3 - we are preparing for our first chapter test on Thursday - all assignments need to be in for marking by the end of class tomorrow. H.O. 7.3 due tomorrow. Test Thursday.
Math 30-2 - words meet rational equations.Today we looked at problem solving - be sure to bring any questions to class tomorrow. Test on Thursday. Assigned L9; # 1 - 9
CALM - HCS3000 - all 5 tests/quizzes need to be completed by Thursday.
Feb 11/19
Math 30-3 - we continu with our look into right and oblique triangles. Hand out 7.2 was due today. I returned hand out 7.1 to students and made the offer to store their handouts for them until their first mid term. There is a test on Trig on Thursday - assigned H.O. 7.3. due Wednesday.
Math 30-2 - we looked at the 2 methods for solving rational equations - one short, sweet but limited, the other difficult, labor - intensive but works for everything. Assigned L8; # 3b, 4d, 5d, 6bd, 8, 10a. (Test on Thursday).
CALM - question box and relationship discussions today. A big thank you to Carly from AHS for her knowledge, patience and humour.
Feb 8/19:
Math 30-3 - assignment 7.3 was handed - this assignment deals with all 3 forms of trig that we have dealt with so far; SOHCAHTOA, Sine and Cosine Laws. Hand out 7.1 was due today and 7.2 is due Monday. Our first chapter test will be Thursday.
Math 30-2 - we covered multiplication and division of rational expressions - factoring is still important. Assigned L6; # 2 - 7, L7; # 4 - 8.
CALM - today we began HCS3000 - the due date for completion is next Thursday. Bio Poem was due today.
Feb 7/19:
Math 30-3 - we continued with our work on cosine law so students should now be able to calculate the side length of an oblique triangle. Hand out 7.2 is due Monday. H.O. 7.1 is due tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - last lesson on addition and subtraction. We looked at some of the finer points and, hopefully, now have a good understanding of how to add/subtract rational expressions and how simillar the process is to adding/subtracting fractions. Assigned L5; # 1 - 3, 4ac, 5ac, 8. There will be a chapter test next Thursday.
CALM - I handed back 2 assignments today - there are a few assignments missing  - those students have been informed. Tomorrow we start HCS3000 in ernest. The deadline for completing this course will be Thursday of next week.
Feb 6/19:
Math 30-3 - we began our look at the cosine law today. Some students are playing catch up due to the weather/absences. Hand out 7.1 is due no later than Friday. Assigned portions of H.O. 7.2 today - we'll finish it off tomorrow. There will be a test on Trig next week.
Math 30-2 - we took the step of creating LCM's from fractions to rationals today - work will be getting tougher from here on in. Assigned L4; # 1, 2cd, 3ac, 4bdf, 5ac, 11, 12. For the pm class I added L5; #1, 2
CALM - our guest speaker was Dan Olesen from Careers. to your kids about what they plan on doing in the future - Dan my have given them a new perspective.
Feb 5/19:
Math 30-3 - Good on ya for comin' out Lakers!! Despite the cold, we had most students show up for class this morning - the ones that missed emailed to let me know they were unable to make it - fantastic sense of responsibility! So we continued to explore how to apply the sine law to oblique triangle, whether it be finding a side or an angle. Assigned Hand out 7.1.
Math 30-2 - attendance issues aside... we continued on with our work on rationals and how to simplify expressions as well as apply this to problem solving situations. Assigned L3; # 1 - 4 (a, d only), 6 - 8.
CALM - quiet day in CALM due to attendance - I passed out the Bio Poem assignment and some students began work on their HCS3000 modules.
Feb 4/19:
Math 30-3 - today we investigated what makes the sine law work - students uncovered the ratios of an oblique triangle create a pattern allowing us to use the predictability to answer questions. No new HW assigned. Students, please be sure to bring your student ID (and overdue books) to school tomorrow..
Math 30-2 - equivalent rational expressions. We took the comparison of equivalence of fractions and projected the ideas to rationals. Assigned L2; # 6 - 10.
CALM - Carly from AHS was in to discuss sexual health. There are still a few students who have not returned their permission forms - please get them in.
Feb 1/19:
Math 30-3 - we discussed how to use the primary ratios (SOHCAHTOA - bring back any memories?). I assigned a brief task for the students to complete in class - create 3 skill type questions and one word problem, answer them and hand in their work. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we reviewed questions students may have had about yesterday's assignment - solutions are posted on the bulletin board outside my classroom. We continued on with finding NPVs for rational expressions. Assigned L1; # 5 - 7, 11, 12.
CALM - students completed an intelleigence inventory - the remainder of class was spent investigating the HCS3000 program. Parents, the permission forms need to be handed in before Monday's class.

Jan 31/19:

Ma 30-2 -we discussed the course outline and what kind of committment is required for Ma 30-2. Since the first chapter we plan on doing is Rationals, we started by giving a brief comparison between fractions and rationals. I gave a hand out of review type questions just to get students thinking about factoring again. I will post the solutions on the board outside my room tomorrow so students can assess their own understanding of the topic.

Ma 30-3 -we are beginning with Trig so we strating with a review of right triangle trig (primary ratios) the review will take the next 2 classes. No HW assigned.

CALM - after a brief intro students were asked to do a survey  and answer a few questions about their transition to high school. All parents are asked to read through a permission sheet which was sent home today. This sheet must be returned no later than Monday.


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