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Please see the subject folders, on your left, for the specific courses that I am teaching.  In each folder you will find related homework calendars, course outlines, links to my Moodle pages, and any other resources that will be useful to you in these courses. If you need to reach me you can email me at:

email : or phone: 403-272-8868 x 4578

Home Study Tips:

  1. Read the question carefully - sometimes it is easier to read the last statement of the question, then go back and read the question from the beginning. Feel free to underline key terms in the question.
  2. When you are creating a strategy to solve the question, ask yourself if there is a specific math skill that you need to use in your strategy.
  3. Apply your strategy to the problem to arrive at an answer. Be sure to include your process in your solution - with your process recorded you can see where you went wrong (learn from your mistakes !!). If your solution is correct, you have a great example of how to answer that type of question.
  4. Does the answer seem reasonable? If it does not try a different approach, ask a neighbour, go to extra math help and ask your teacher, ask your uncle Fred....ASK! Do not use 'giving up' as an option - its only Math, how bad can it be!
Oct 10/19:
Math 10C - we are closing in on the final lessons of TRIG.Today we looked at how bearings (directions) can be used with trig to create word problems that are the intro to vectors. Assigned L6; ALL.
Math 30-2 - we completed the remainder of Lesson 6. Assigned L6; # 3-12. Have a great weekend !
Oct 9/19:
Math 10C - we reviewed the 2 types of questions that the primary ratios allow us to solve and are now, hopefully, ready to take on some problem solving questions. (Reading comprehension is important for the placement of the information) Assigned L5; All (omit #1).
Math 30-2 - we investigated the c and d parameters and the affect they have on our graphs and equations. Assigned L6; # 1, 2.
Oct 8/19:
Math 10C - we are continuing with our look into the primary trig ratios (the old SOH CAH TOA). We investigated parallel lines and transversals so the the notion of angles of elevation and depression would make more sense. Assigned L4; # 3 - 10, 12 - 14
Math 30-2 - when starting out woth basic periododic functions, the a and b parameters are part of the initial investigation. We related the a and b parameter to their graphs and, algebraically, how to calculate them. Assigned L5; # 1 - 6.
Oct 7/19:
Math 10C - students wrote a chapter test on Exponents today. Assigned L3; # 6 - 11.
Math 30-2 - we began our investigation into period functions sin(x) and cos(x) in terms of both degrees and radians. Assigned remainder of L4.
Oct 4/19:
Math 10C - we began using the trig ratios for problem solving today - we looked at trig questions based on 3 general classifications. Assigned L3; #1-4
Math 30-2 - we reviewed the chapter test on Rationals. Any question students had were, hopefully, dealt with. After we write the chapter test on Poly/Sine Functions, students will receive a unit test on the first 2 chapters. The unit test score may be used to replace a lower chapter test score, but only one of them. Talk to your student about how it works. No new HW assigned.
Oct 3/19:
Math 10C - we are starting with our next chapter, Trigonometry. Today we investigated the patterns that exist within the angles and side lengths of right triangles. No new HW was assigned. There will be an Exponents Chapter Test on Monday.
Math 30-2 - what is a radian you ask? This is the question we spent the class on in terms of the unit circle. Joy and happiness abound. Assigned L3; # 2 - 5
Oct 2/19:
Math 10C - we finished off the Exponents chapter today - the floor was open to any questions students may have had. Assigned: L7 Practice Test ALL questions - there will be an Exponents Chapter Test on Monday.
Math 30-2 - we reviwed some ancient history with Trig today and managed to get some info on rotation angles in as well. Assigned L1; #1.
Oct 1/19:
Math 10C - we finished up the rest of L6 - conversions of varying difficulty from radical to exponential form. We also looked briefly at the use of scientific notation and how the power of 10  "moves" the decimal point of the multiplicand. Assigned L6; # 6, 7, 17 and L4; # 1, 2, 9, 11, 15. There will be an Exponent Chapter Test on Monday.
Math 30-2 - we looked further into functions by learning how to create equations from a set of points and how to determine how closely our equation matches the data we were given . Assigned L3; ALL
Sept 30/19
Math 10C - the rigour continues as we investigate Part 2 of the rational exponents. This lesson takes into account all types of exponents (whole numbers, integers and rationals) and how they interact with established exponent laws. Assigned L6; # 1-3.
Math 30-2 - we've reviewed degree 0, 1, and 2 functions. Today we looked at degree 3 functions and their characteristics. Assigned L2; ALL.
Sept 27/19:
Math 10C - we now begin to extend our with exponents and number sets by using rational numbers as exponents. Assigned L5; # 2, 3, 6, 8, 11, 12.
Math 30-2 - we completed our review of degree 0, 1, and 2 functions and are now ready to proceed with grade 12 material. Assigned L1; ALL questions.
Sept 26/19:
Math 10C - we continued on with our work on integral exponents.
Math 30-2 - we reviewed concepts on functions from grade 10 and 11. Assigned L1; # 1-4.
Sept 25/19:
Math 10C - building on yesterday's look into exponents and exponent laws, we began the investigation into exponent which are positive and negative. This involves work on integers (adding and subtracting) as well as the prder of operations. I have assigned all of lesson 3 but we will also spend tomorrow on the lesson due to its size and complexity. Assigned L3; ALL
Math 30-2 - students wrote a chapter test on Rationals. No new HW assigned.
Sept 24/19:
Math 10C - we did some examples of combining exponent laws...they're tougher than they look! Assigned L2; ALL
Math 30-2 - I have postponed today's Math Test so the students who were absent Friday could have a chance to ask any last minute questions prior to writing the test. There will be a test tomorrow. Today we went on to the next chapter on Polynomial and Sinusoidal Functions (its more fun than it sounds). No new HW assigned.
Sept 20/19
Math 10C - we began the next chapter (Exponents) and have reviewed the exponent laws. The assignment given is L1; ALL. I collected the students' workbooks so there is no HW for the long weekend. Enjoy.
Math 30-2 - last day for Rationals. Students worked on the last couple of questions on problem solving and the Practice Test was assigned. Test on Tuesday.
Sept 19/19:
Math 10C - students wrote a Chapter Test today on Numbers. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - we discussed the creation of expressions leading to the creation of solvable equations. Assigned L9; ALL. There will be a chapter test on Tuesday.
Sept 18/19:
Math 10C - we discussed questions stemming from yesterday's assignment - we then began work on the next chapter Exponents. There will be a test tomorrow.
Math 30-2 - for the equations that have more than 2 terms, we looked at the clearing of the denominators by using the LCM - ask your child for a demo of this new knowledge!. Assigned L8; # 6 - 12. Test on Tuesday.
Sept 17/19:
Math 10C - we have finished our studies on numbers and spent the class preparing for the uncomng test . Assigned L8 - Practice Test. Test is on Thursday.
Math 30-2 - we began work on rational equations by looking at simpler equations that can be solved through cross multiplication. Assigned L8; # 1 - 5. There will be a test on Tuesday.
Sept 16/19:
Math 10C - we will be finishing the first chapter tomorrow - there will be a chapter test on Wednesday on Lessons 1 - 7. Assigned L7; # 4- 10.
Math 30-2 - students wrote a quiz today on L1- 5. We continued our look into rationals with division which looks alot lie multiplication with one little twist - NPV's. Assigned L7; # 4 - 10.
Sept 13/19:
Math 10C - students wrote a quiz based on L1-5. No new HW assigned.
Math 30-2 - today we looked into multiplying rational expressions - again,factoring comes in to play. Assigned L6; # 5-7. Students have a quiz on Monday based on L1-5.
Sept 12/19:
Math 10C - we are now into radicals...everybody'd favourite. Assigned L6; ALL questions. There is a quiz tomorrow on L1-5.
Math 30-2 - more adding and subtracting of rationals - the denominators are getting a bit more involved. Assigned L5; # 3-8. There will be a quiz on Monday.
Sept 11/19:
Math 10C - today we looked into the concept of radicals - the meaning of the index and radicand were exploded. There will be a quiz on Friday (lessons 1-5). Assigned L5; # 1, 4-6, 8-10, 13
Math 30-2 - we are slowly working our way into the operations portion of the rationals chapter. Addition and subtraction of rationals with common denominators was the main concept today. The conparison was made between this and the addition and subtraction of fractions. Students have a quiz on Monday (Lessons 1-5). Assigned L4; # 2, 6-8, 12, and L5; # 1, 2.
Sept 10/19:
Math 10C - we looked at perfect squares and cubes and how to estimate their value. We also completed our look into classifying numbers into number sets (N, W, I, Q etc). Students will receive a short quiz on Friday based on the first 5 lessons. Assigned L4; # 2-4, 6-11, 13.
Math 30-2 - similar to reducing fractions, today we looked at how to simplify rational expressions. For this concept factoring is vital. Students will receive a quiz on Monday based ofn the first 5 lessons. Assigned L3; # 1-4, 6-8.
Sept 9/19:
Math 10C - today we revisited the classification of numbers and also the conversion of fractions and decimals. Ever wonder how to convert a nonterminating, repeating decimal into a fraction?...Ask your child. Assigned L3; # 1, 2, 5, 7ac, 8ac, 9.
Math 30-2 - we started by looking at how to find equivalent fractions ( multiply or divide by 1), then extended that idea to include rational expressions. Assigned L2; # 1-3, 7-10
Sept 6/19:
Math 10C - we looked at other uses for prime factorization and found it useful for determining perfect squares and cubes. Assigned L2; # 7 - 11, 13, 14.
Math 30-2 - We started with questions relating to the factoring practice sheet handed out yesterday. The solutions were posted and everyone seemed ok with the assignment. Factoring of polynomials has been worked on every year since grade 9 so the hope is it comes back rather quickly. We returned to the concept of non permissiblevalues and how to find them. Assigned L1; 1aceg, 4-7, 11, 12.
Sept 5/19:
Math 10C - more prime factoring..but for a purpose. Assigned L2; #4, 6
Math 30-2 - review assignment on factoring of trinomials where a=1 and where a is not 1. Hand out due tomorrow.
Sept 4/19:
Math 10C - today we reviewed some concepts from days gone by (prime numbers, prime factorization ). Assigned L1; # 10, 11, 14 - 16.
Math 30-2 - we need to review factoring before we can really get started on the grade 12 material. No HW assigned.

Sept 3/19:

First Day!! Welcome to CHS Grade 10's! Parents, it was a big day for your child today so have a chat and find out how things went - give me a shout if there are questions you may have about the semester.







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