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Home Study Tips:

  1. Read the question carefully - sometimes it is easier to read the last statement of the question, then go back and read the question from the beginning. Feel free to underline key terms in the question.
  2. When you are creating a strategy to solve the question, ask yourself if there is a specific math skill that you need to use in your strategy.
  3. Apply your strategy to the problem to arrive at an answer. Be sure to include your process in your solution - with your process recorded you can see where you went wrong if your answer is wrong (learn from your mistakes !!). If your solution is correct, you have a great example of how to answer that type of question.
  4. Does the answer seem reasonable? If it does not try a different approach, ask a neighbour, go to extra math help and ask your teacher, ask your uncle Fred....ASK! Do not use 'giving up' as an option - its only Math, how bad can it be?
Jan 17/19:
Math 10C - we took our last look into volume and surface area of 3-D shapes ad the formulae that describes them. Assigned L7: #2, 4, 10 and L8; # 4, 8 and L9; # 2, 7. Quiz tomorrow on Measurement.
Math 20-1 - we finished off the last part of the Sequence & Series chapter by dealing with geometric series and the sum of an infinite series. Assigned L7; # 1acd, 5 and L8; # 1aceg. Quiz tomorrow on S&S.
CALM - we continued work on the RAP project - it is due by end of class tomorrow.
Jan 16/19:
Math 10C - students wrote a chapter test on Linear Systems today. No new HW. Final Exam review booklets are now available.
Math 20-1 - students wrote a unit test today. No new HW.
CALM - students completed a reflection form from yesterday's guest speaker. A new (and final) project was handed out which asks students to investigate 4 trades they no nothing about and answer 4 simple questions about each of the 4 trades. This will be due Friday.
Jan 15/19;
Math 10C - conversions for area and volume in both metric and imperial units. Assigned L5; # 4, 10, 14 and L6; # 2, 3. (Chapter Test tomorrow)
Math 20-1 - geometric growth and decay and we reviewed the chapter test on Systems. Unit Test tomorrow. Assigned L6; # 4 - 12. Students were given Finl Exam Review booklets today.
CALM - we had Dan Olesen and Braeden Manary as our guest speakers today - students will receive a reflection form tomorrow.
Jan 14/19:
Math 10C - we began the measurement  chapter today. Students have a test on Systems of Equations on Wednesday. Assigned L4; #5 - 7, 9
Math 20-1 - we looked at geometric sequences today. We spent some time looking at the differences and similarities between geo and arith. sequences; particularly the general terms. Students have a Unit Test on Wednesday and their last chapter test on Friday. Assigned L 5; # 2adg, 3, 4c, 5, 6, 7ac, 9, 10.
CALM - we revisited the issue of food today. Since so many students don't really have a point of reference in terms of the cost of feeding themselves, we looked at the Canada Food Guide (which is currently in the process of being overhauled by the federal government) and students created a single day's worth of menus which satisfies the food guide. We have a guest speaker tomorrow  who will be discussing careers in the trades.
Jan 11/19:

Math 10C - we finished off the systems chapter with more word problems. There will be a test on this material next week. Assigned L6; # 1, 2,5, 7, 8, 9.
Math 20-1 - we began work on arithmetic series today. We discussed the differences between sequence and series as well how to convert one to the other. Assigned L 4; # 1 - 6. There will be one last unit test on Wednesday of next week. The test will be in 3 parts - students are required to choose and then write 2 of the 3 parts.
CALM - last day to hand in the project.
Jan 10/19:
Math 10C - students wrote a chapter test on liear characteristics and equations today - no new HW.
Math 20-1 - arithmetic sequences and how to solve for the variables. Assigned L3; # 1 - 3, 5, 6.
CALM - students continued with their Moving Out project.
Jan 9/19:
Math 10C - we continue with systems work - problem solving. Students are required to take written situations and create linear equations from the information and solve the system they create to arrive a t a conclusion. This stuff is tricky. Assigned L5; # 1 - 3, 7, 12.
Math 20-1 - our work on sequences continues with arithmetic sequences. Assigned L2; # 11- 17.
CALM - today we had a guest speaker come in to discuss suicide prevention. Reflection forms are required - due tomorrow.
Jan 8/19:
Math 10C - we looked at how to find the solution to a system of 2 linear equations algebraically; by the methods of substitution and elimination. Assigned L3; # 1ad, 2c, 4a and L4; # 2ac, 4, 6. There will be a test on Linear Characteristics and Equations on Thursday.
Math 20-1 - we reviewed the chapter test on AbsVal & Reciprocal Functions today - this was a difficult test so I discussed most questions - there will be a unit test on this same material in the future so students who struggled need to sort it out soon. The 2nd half of the class was spent looking at the general term for an arithmetic sequence. Assigned L2; #1af, 2 - 5.
CALM - we continued with the Moving Out Project.
Jan 7/19:
Math 10C - we began work on systems of equations today - graphing of 2 equations to see where they intersect and then interpreting the meaning of the intersection. Assigned L1; #1, 2 and L2; # 2, 3, 4, 7.
Math 20-1 - we began work on Sequence and series today. We looked at patterns and will begin creating algebraic equations for patterns tomorrow. Assigned L1; # 1 - 4, 6, 8.
CALM - today we began work on the Moving Out Project - a glorious project that provides hope to all parents.
Dec 21/18:
Math 10C - Last lesson on linear equations and graphs. We looked at slope in the context of rates of change. Assigned L 6; # 1-5 and L7; # 1-5. Have a lovely break y'all.
Math 20- 1-students wrote a chapter test on Systems & Inequalities. No new HW - enjoy the break.
CALM - we watched a Simon Sinek video on giving, cooperation, and fulfillment.
Dec 20/18:
Math 10C - continuing on with linear graphs, we investigated the 2nd form of linear equations (general), and how the equation can be manipulated to represent changes in slope, y intercepts and points in general. Assigned L3; #1, 3, 5; L5; #3, 4, 5.
Math 20-1; last lesson for systems and inequalities. There will be a short test tomorrow. Assigned L4; # 1 - 4, Practice Test; # 1 -9.
CALM - Getting  A Part time Job assignment.
Dec 19/18:
Math 10C - another busy day - we investigated perpendicular lines and how the slopes relate between 2 lines. We also began the process of construction linear equations. Assigned; L6; #3, 8, 9; L1; #3, 4; L2; #1, 2.
Math 20-1 - inequalities - a few differences from what we are used to. Assigned L3; 2, 4, 7.
CALM - students finished up their tax assignment from yesterday - the remainder of the period was used as a study period (many test occur this time of year).
Dec 18/18:
Math 10C - busy day today; we investigated midpoints and slope using graphs as well as the respective formulae. Assigned; L3; # 2, 7, 13; L4; # 3, 4, 6, 7; L5; #5, 8.
Math 20-1 - we continued with our work on systems with quadratic/quadratic systems. Assigned L2; # 2, 3, 4, 6 - 10.
CALM - we began everybody's favourite; taxes. An assignment was handed out to help clarify the revenue streams the 3 levels of government use and the portfolios each is responsible for.
Dec 17/18:
Math 10C - students wrote a chapter test on Realations & Functions. No new HW assigned.
Math 20-1 - students wrote a chapter test on AbsVal & reciprocal functions. No new HW assigned.
CALM - we began work on finances today. Students should have completed an inventory assignment.
Dec 14/18:
Math 10C - we began the unit on linear characteristics and equations today, starting with the distance of a line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). Assigned: L1; # 3, 5, 11 and L2; # 3, 4, 7. There is a test on Realations & Functions on Monday.
Math 20-1 - Practice Test - test on Monday.
CALM - last class to work on resumes and cover letters.
Dec 13/18:
Math 10C - students were given their marks for yesterday's unit test - marks will be posted once all students have written the test. We looked over how to interpret graphs and possible scenerios for given graphs. The emphasis here is on how the two quantities on the x and y axes interact. Assigned L11; # 1-6 and L12 (Practice Test). The chapter test in on Monday for Relations&Functions.
Math 20-1 - we began work on the Systems chapter today, solving for the intersection of linear and quadratic functions. Assigned L1; # 1, 4, 5, 8. There is a Chapter Test on AbsVal and Reciprocal Functions on Monday.
CALM - we continued with the editing process for resumes and cover letters.
Dec 12/18:
Math 10C - Unit Test - no new HW.
Math 20-1 - Unit Test - no new HW.
CALM - last class for resumes. We have started the one on one discussions wher I review resumes for any potential problems/omissions. Cover letter are next.
Dec 11/18:
Math 10C - we looked at putting context around our math skills and what it can do to the x, y intercepts as well as the domain and range. Assigned L10; # 1-5. There will be a test on Polynomials and Factoring tomorrow as well as a chapter test on Functions & Relations on Monday.
Math 20- 1- Unit Test tomorrow. We finished off AbsVal & Reciprocal functions today and will have a chapter test on that material on Monday. Students have a review booklet due tomorrow.
CALM - resumes continued.
Dec 10/18:
Math 10C - we completed L9 today. Assigned L9; ALL. Students were given a review booklet in preparation for Wednesday's Unit Test on Polynomials and Factoring.
Math 20-1 - reciprocal functions - it was super fun and everyone enjoyed it. Assigned L5; # 1- 7.
CALM - we worked on 2 resumes - one that is a basic resume and the 2nd one which is intended for a targeted employer. Both resumes are due Wednesday of this week by the end of class.
Dec 7/18:
Math 10C - today we looked at questions from yesterday's assignment and we reviewed the Factoring Test students wrote Nov 27. We have now reviewed both test which will make up the content of Wednesday's unit test. Students will be given a review assignment Monday in order to prepare for this test.
Math 20 - 1 - we looked at questions from yesterday's assignemnt and then reviewed the Trig Test students wrote on Nov 27. We have now reviewed both chapter tests which will make up the content of Wednesday's unit test on Quadratics and Trigonometry. A review assignment was distributed in order to prepare for Wednesday's test - it is a large set of questions so plan your time wisely.
CALM - we began the painful process of creating 2 resumes, each one designed specifically for their intended audience in 2 different industries.
Dec 6/18:
Math 10C - we continued with the graphing of quadratic and linear functions. The difficult part is to put context around the math skills we have learned. Assigned L5; #5 and L6; #1 - 3.
Math 20 - 1 - one last look at absolute value functions - big day tomorrow with reciprocal functions. Assigned L4; ALL and a hand out assignment. Unit Test next week on Trig and Quadratics.
CALM - violet was our guest speaker today giving some get info on employment and opportunities.
Dec 5/18:
Math 10C - we did some graphing of linear and quadratic functions today - interesting exercise for many. No new HW assigned.
Math 20-1 - we continued with graphing and solving of absolute value functions. We looked  at both the graphical and algebraic methods. Assigned L2; ALL 9omit #1-3 and #6).
CALM - we investigated the alberta ALIS website for information on career fairs, student loans and scholarships. Students were also asked to complete a reflection form on yesterday's sexual health speaker from AHS.
Dec 4/18:
Math 10C - discuss function notation and the differences/similarities to equation notation. Assigned L8 ALL
Math 20-1 - AbsVal functions (for both linear and quadratic). Assign L1; # 5 - 10
CALM - Carlie - AHS speaker on Sexual Health.
Nov 30/18:
Math 10C - work period.
Math 20-1 - begin work on AbsVal functions. No new HW assigned.
CALM - finish up 4 careers project.
Nov 29/18:
Math 10C - discriminating between relations and functions - VLtest. Assign L7; ALL
Math 20-1 - Trig Test.
CALM - work on 4 careers project.
Nov 28/18:
Math 10C - domain and range - notation and definitions. Assign L4; ALL
Math 20-1 - practice test for the chapter test on trig (tomorrow).
CALM - 4 careers project.
Nov 27/18:
Math 10C - calculating x, y intercepts of degree 1 and 2 equations. Assign L3; ALL
Math 20-1 - 2nd half of L8 - headings (a 2nd notation for direction). Assign L8; # 6 - 16.
CALM - Carlie from AHS to discuss curriculum for sexual health. She will rejoin us again next week.
Nov 26/18:
Math 10C - from the big picture to the details of graphing and relations. Assigned L2; ALL
Math 20-1 - 1st half of L8 - bearings (a notation for direction) - Assigned L8; # 1 - 5.
CALM - students took a survey on My BluePrint and the program gave them career suggestions based on the survey results. They have been assigned a simple set of tasks which includes describing what a day in the life looks like for each of their 4 suggestions as well as the starting salary, post secondary program required, and what high school prerequisites are needed to gain entry into their respective programs.

Nov 23/18:

Math 10C - we completed L1 of the Relations&Functions chapter. Assigned L1; ALL

Math 20-1 - we reviewed quesions from previous lesson(s), examined the ambiguous case of sine law and looked at the last chapter test and correted/reviewed mistakes based of student requests. Assigned L7; #3 - 6. There will be a chapter test on trig on Wednesday. A unit test will be scheduled for the week of Dec 3 - 7.

CALM - no donuts... we began work on careers by having the students complete surveys on 5 areas of their personalities. Students were asked to give me a list of 4 recommended carrers from the survey. Next week we will be investigating what the steps are to pursue these careers. Unfortunately, our speaker had to be rescheduled - it will be worth the wait!
Nov 22/18:
Math 10C - students wrote a chapter test on factoring today so no HW was assigned. I have their workbooks and am in the process of marking them for homework completion.
Math 20-1 - cosine law. Assigned L6; # 1, 2a, 4, 6, 8, 9.
CALM - the class was split today into those who have completed HSC3000 and those who have not. Assigned a BIOPoem for those who have completed HCS3000.
Nov 21/18:
Math 10C - we started to work on coordinate planes, plotting points and looking for ptterns but did not quite get finished due to our preplanned fire drill. No new HW. The test is still on for tomorrow.
Math 20-1 - Sine law - everyone had fun and can't wait for ambiguous case tomorrow. Assigned L5; #1ac, 2 - 4, 10, 11.
CALM - I'm still dealing with a few students who have not completeed their HCS3000 - its kind of a big deal so I'll bring in donuts on Friday if the class gets done.
Nov 20/18:
Math 10C - inpreparation for our Chapter Test on Thursday we reviewed - Assigned L10; Practice Test. Test on Thursday.
Math 20-1 - unit circle - the joy and happiness was palpable. Assigned L4; #6 - 18.
CALM - our guest speaker has rescheduld for Friday - we worked on the reflection form from yesterday and the Hopes/Dreams assignment. Some students still have outstanding issues with HCS 3000 - I asked several of them to join me for FLT to work on it.
Nov 19/18:
Math 10C - we discussed problems with the current lessons and continued on to where the factoring concepts ultimately leads - solving polynomials. This was an extension lesson but it helps lend justification and relevance to what we have been doing so far. Assigned L9; # 3, 4, 9. Test on Thursday.
Math 20-1 - we continued with our exploration into trig ratios in the 4 quadrants by looking at the unit circle today. We are only halh finished so...Assigned L4; # 1-5.
CALM - a big thank you to Constable Anderson of the RCMP for coming in and leading a discussion into law enforcement, careers, plans for post secondary and a whole host of other topics. Excellent participation by the students. There will be a reflection form on this material. Tomorrow we have another guest speaker - be ready to maintain the same standard for class presentations.
Nov 16/18:
Math 10C - work period. Assigned L7, L8; ALL. Chapter test on Thursday.
Math 20-1 - how much fun is trig!? We continued our look into the primary ratios in all quadrants. Assigned L3; # 1- 13.
CALM - tthis was the last class to work o HCS 3000 - online course must be competed by Monday. Those students who are not finished will face mandatory FLT to complete the course.
Nov 15/18:
Math 10C - we finished off L7 - factoring with special twists. Assigned L7; # 4ace, 5aceg, 6bdf, 7 - 13. L8 will be assigned tomorrow during our work period. We will complete the chapter Tuesday - Chapter Test Thursday.
Math 20-1 - CAST rule and using x, y, r, for our primary trig ratios instead of o, h, a. Assigned L2; ALL (omit group work question)
CALM - last day for HCS3000 tomorrow.
Nov 14/18:
Math 10C - we continued our factoring by looking at perfect square trinomials. Our discussion led into some ideas from Math 20-1 but I hope the class got some benefit from it as their work this year will provide the foundation for their quadratics work next year. Assigned L7; #1-3. There will be a test next Thursday.
Math 20- 1- students wrote a test on rationals expressions&equations. No new HW.
CALM - HCS 3000 - deadline to completion is Friday.
Nov 13/18:
Math 10C - factoring by decomposition. This will be the last of methods for factoring until next year. Assigned L6; #3 - 13 (acegik)
Math 20-1 - we completed the last bit of reference/rotation angles. Assigned L1; ALL
CALM - HCS 3000 (due date is Friday)
Nov 9/18:
Math 10C - work period. No new HW.
Math 20-1 - we began Trig today. We worked on rotation angles from standard position and reference angles. We will complete the lesson on Tuesday. No new HW - BUT there is still a Rationals Chapter Test on Wednesday of next week.
CALM - HCS3000 - there are still some students who have not handed in their course outline/permission forms.
Nov 8/18:
Math 10C - we looked at difference of squares and how the middle term in the trinomial has been eliminated. The discussion included the term 'conjugate'. Assigned L5; #4 - 10.
Math 20-1 - we looked at the many questions from the problem solving lesson yesterday. Our chapter test is set for Wednesday of next week. We will begin Trigonometry tomorrow. Assigned L10 - Practice Test.
CALM - students started on HCS3000 on line course today.
Nov 7/18:
Math 10C - to be blunt... students need to be really really good at factoring in high school. With that.. more factoring. Assigned L4; ALL (omit #11)
Math 20-1 - its time to solve problems...Assigned L9; ALL There will be a test next Wednesday on the Rationals Chapter.
CALM - welcome - we had a chat, did a multiple intelligences inventory then wrote about some of our expectations and performances. Assigned: Course outline/permission slip for Sexual Health. Due by Friday, Nov 9.
Nov 6/18:
Math 10C - there was no math class today due to an assembly for all students.
Math 20-1 - we continued looking into more rational equations - some with no solution. Assigned L8; #2-7.
CALM - last day for CALM.
Nov 5/18:
Math 10C - factoring by inspection - how to break down a trinomial into factors - its the opposite of multiplication but the reversal of thinking is a difficult one. Assigned L3; #3 - 15.
Math 20-1 - we began equations today - 2 methods (cross multiplying or using LCD). Assigned L7; # 2-4, 6, 7.
CALM - Canada Food Guide assignment.
Nov 2/18:
Math 10C - sorry Math fans... due to traffic on Garden Rd. there was no new math today since I was ridiculously late. No new HW.
Math 20-1- we discussed the similarities and differences between multiplication and division. Assigned L6; # 3bd, 4 - 7, 10.
CALM - most RAP projects are in so we started a small activity using the Canada Food Guide.
Nov 1/18:
Math 10C - Today we finished off lesson 2. Assigned L2; # 5 - 10.
Math 20-1 - Even though we began working on multiplication of rationals, factoring is still a major concept. Factoring review is on p. 226 for those who still feel a bit shakey on it. Assigned L5; # 1b, 2bd, 3 - 7.
CALM - most RAP assignments are finished or near completion. Watch your pacing.
Oct 31/18:
Math 10C - big day for factoring. We looked at factoring out binomial common factors and using -1 as a factor to change the signs of factors. Assigned L2; 1adg, 2def, 3cfi, 4abc.
Math 20-1 - rationals just got worse. We looked at all types of addition/subtraction questions and came up with the definitive list of steps - there is a necessity to be perfect at this point that some students will find frustrating. Assigned L4; # 1def, 2d, 3c, 4bd, 6, 8.
CALM - RAP project.
Oct 30/18:
Math 10C - students wrote a chapter test on Polynomials today. We had time for a lesson on factoring fterwards so ...Assigned L1; # 3acegik, 4, 5, 8, 10-12.
Math 20-1 - began addition/subtraction of rationals - same process as grade 7 but with a bit of a twist. Assigned L3; #3, 5, 7, 8
CALM - RAP project.
Oct 29/18:
Math 10C - we began work on factoring today for about half the class - the rest of the period was used as question and study time for tomorrow's chapter test on Polynomials. No new HW assigned. Test tomorrow.
Math 20-1 - no Math class due to Assembly speaker.
CALM - students continued with hteir last project on RAP careers. Deadline is Monday.
Oct 26/18
Math 10C - we reviewed any outstanding problem solving questions in preparation for Tuesday's chapter test. Assigned L7; Practice Test
Math 20-1 - we continued with simplifying rationsal expressions and finding non permissible values. Assigned L2; #1acegi, 2ab, 3b, 4, 5, 7, 8a, 10.
CALM - today is the deadline for the Moving Out project. We will begin work on trades on Monday.
Oct 25/18:
Math 10C - we are finishing off the Polynomials chapter with some problem solving questions. Assigned L6: ALL There will be a chapter test on polynomials on Tuesday of next week.
Math 20-1 - we began the Rationals chapter today by looking into the simplification of expressions and non permissible values. Assigned L1; #4, 5, 8.
CALM - tomorrow is the due date for the Moving Out project.
Oct 24/18:
Math 10C - more multiplication of polynomials. The general idea is to achieve proficiency multiplying any type of polynomials. Today we went to binomial times trinomial - based on these experiences, students should feel relatively comfortable multipying any combination of polynomials. This work will lead into work on the other operations. Assigned L4: 4bdf, 5ce ......L5: 1b, 3d, 4d, 6, 7c.
Math 20-1 - students wrote the Quadratics Chapter Test today - marks should be done for Friday review. No new HW.
CALM - students worked on their Moving Out project today - deadline for completion is Friday (end of class).
Oct 23/18:
Math 10C - continuing on with multiplication of poynomials, we looked at binomial x binomials today using tiles, area diagrams and distributive law. Assigned L3; # 1- 4, 7ghi, 8.
Math 20-1 - today was a work period. There will be a chapter test tomorrow on quadratics.
CALM - Dan Olesen was our guest speaker today talking about the RAP program and how students can access supports for their future plans.
Oct 22/18:
Math 10C - we looked at multiplying polynomials using algebra tiles and the distributive law. Assigned L2; # 2, 3, 4aeh, 5cfi, 7g-k, 8.
Math 20-1 - today was a work period. The purpose of the work period was to prepare for Wednesday's chapter test on quadratics. We will begin a new chapter tomorrow. Test on Wednesday.
CALM - the moving out project continues - we have set a due date of Friday Oct 26. We have a guest speaker coming in tomorrow to talk about the RAP (registered apprentice program). Please ensure your child in on time - no food, drinks or cell phones during the presentation please.
Oct 19/18
Math 10C - today we started the polynomial chapter. Most of the work was review in nature, students were given vovabulary sheets to fill out. Also assigned L1; #4-18
Math 20-1 - last lesson on quadratics - we looked at more problem solving examples. Assigned L9; # 1 - 9. There will be a workperiod on Tuesday of next week, followed by a chapter test on Wednesday.
CALM - we continued working on our Moving Out Project.
Oct 18/18:
Math 10C - students wrote Trig chapter test. No new HW assigned.
Math 20-1 - we placed context around quadratic functions - students are now responsible to use characteristics and parameters in problem solving situations. Assigned L8; # 1, 2, 4. Test on Quadratics Wednesday of next week.
CALM - today we began the Moving Out Project.
Oct 17/18:
Math 10C - we dealt with some of the problem solving questions from L7 - drawing a diagram seems to be the preferred method in terms of organizing the information. Assigned L8 (the Practice Test). There is a test on Trig tomorrow. I will also be assessing the student workbooks for completion.
Math 20-1 - how do you know if a quadratic has roots or not? If it does, how many? Ask your child to explain it to you. We looked at the discriminant as a way to prevent us from searching for values that may not exist. Assigned L7; # 1, 2ac, 3b, 4, 5acdf, 6, 7a, 8-12.
CALM - tax assignment - very general, due by class end tomorrow.
Oct 16/18:
Math 10C - students wrote a unit test on the Numbers and Exponents. The tests have been marked and will be used as a replacement for the lower chapter test score. Trig test will be on Thursday - busy times.
Math 20-1 - students wrote a unit test on Radicals and Factoring today. We will continue with quadratics tomorrow.
CALM - tried the T1 tax return - we may have to call it a day. Too many students fell into a coma listening to a tax accountant explain the process.
Oct 15/18:
Math 10C - we looked at problem solving with 2 triangles - general issue is how to create information to solve the problem. Assigned L7; ALL Test tomorrow.
Math 20-1 - what happens when a quadratic has roots which cannot be found by factoring? The quadratic formula was part of the solution. Assigned L6; #1 -3, 4c, 5c, 7, 8. Test tomorrow.
CALM - catch up day for our missing students ( band camp and field trips). Students were given a series of reading and questions to determine how they spend their money (is it spent wisely or not). No new HW.
Oct 12/18:
Math 10C - investigated parallel lines and transversals (needed for trig - this year and next), bearings as a form of vector. Assigned L6; ALL Test Tuesday
Math 20-1 - completing the square - a method used to convert a quadratic function in general form to vertex form. We discussed the information each form gives us (parameters) and how the context of a question may require the conversion. Assigned L5; #3cf, 4, 5cfi, 6-11 Test Tuesday.
CALM - we took the first step in dealing with a T1 tax return.
Oct 11/18:
Math 10C - we will have a Unit Test on Tuesday of next week ( covers material from Numbers chapter AND exponents chapter - we will review the Exponents Chapter test tomorrow to facilitate this. Unit Tests are weighted heavily and they are used to replace chapter test scores so prepare accordingly!!). Our Trigonometry Chapter Test will be on Thursday of next week. Today we reviewed the learner outcomes students should have achieved so far. Assigned L5; #2 - 11.
Math 20-1 - we reviewed the last chapter test (Factoring). We are now in a position to write a unit test on Radicals and Factoring - both chapter test have been reviewed/discussed so each student is responsible to prepare for the Unit Test that will be on Tuesday of next week. Today, we looked at how to create quadratic equations from a graph and how to find the xand y intercepts from a quadratic equation in vertex form. Assigned L4; # 1, 2bd, 3, 4bd, 5-9, 11, 12.
CALM - today we continued our work on jobs/income. Students were assigned a series of questions based on 4 separate pay slips. Assignment is due by tomorrow. Tomorrow we have a speaker - students have been told the expectations for our speaker.
Oct 10/18:
Math 10C - today was a work period. Students should be proficient at all 3 types of right triangle questions. Problem solving using trig and Pythagoras will be ongoing. No new HW assigned.
Math 20-1 - we completed L3 which included transformations. Transformations need to be looked at by graph, equation/function, parameters (and their effect), as well as by tables of value. AssignedL 3; ALL
CALM - studnts wrote a reflection form on Constable Anderson's visit. We are beginning work on taxation (love it or hate it). Paragrphs on graduated vs Flat tax rates due tomorrow.
Oct 9/18:
Math 10C - we discussed the process for calculating all sides/all angles within a right triangle. Assigned L3; 1ace, 4, 9, 10 and L4; # 2 - 4, 8 - 14. There will be a work period tomorrow.
Math 20-1 - parameters a, p, and q and what they do. Assigned L2; #6 - 10, L3; #1 - 4
CALM - Constable Anderson spoke to our class about current legal issues high school students may face. Great discussions!. There will be a reflection form tomorrow regarding the material covered.
Oct 3/18:
Math 10C - we investigated the patterns found in trig ratios. We also compared a right triangle diagram to a triangle imposed on a unit circle. We converted our labels from hypotenuse, opposite and adjacent to r, y, and x respectively. Assigned L2; ALL
Math 20-1 - we began an investigation of the vertex form of quadratic functions. We will finish the last part of the lesson on Tuesday. Assigned L2; # 1 - 5
CALM - last day to work on resumes. Students were also asked to investigate the Alberta ALIS website for resources.
Oct 3/18:
Math 10C - we continued with our investigation into the primary trig ratios. Assign L1; #5 - 11
Math 20-1 - we looked at roots, x - intercepts and zeros and how they look graphically, in an equation/function. Assigned L1; # 1, 2ac, 3ad, 4bd, 9 - 11
CALM - today we practiced kindness and mindfulness - there are activities that every student should practice to achieve calmness/peace. Tomorrow we go back to work on resumes.
Oct 2/18:
Math 10C - we started Trigonometry today. Assigned L1; # 1-3
Math 20-1 - Chapter Test - the test was a bit long so any student requiring additional time needs to book FLT time tomorrow.
CALM - a big thank you to Carly for getting the class through the last half of Sexual Health - its back to resumes tomorrow.
Oct 1/18:
Math 10C - students wrote a Chapter Test on Exponents today. I have their workbooks and wil return them tomorrow after I have marked them for completion. No new HW
Math 20-1 - we discussed any remainng issues with the factoring chapter. The last 2 lessons have been on radical equations so there is some overlap that will be tested on tomorrow's chapter test. No new HW - Chapter Test tomorrow.
CALM - we began working on resumes today. All resumes need to be completed for no later than Thursday. We have Carlie in tomorrow to finish our discussions on Sexual Health.
Sept 28/18:
Math 10C - we discussed the questions from L6. There will be a Chapter Test on Monday - Exponents. Assigned Practice Test.
Math 20-1 - radical equations part 2 - equations with 2 radicals. We looked at 2 examples and how the process iof eliminating the radical tem is done twice, instead of once. Assigned L7; # 1b, 2b, 3, 6ad. also assigned L8; Practice Test. We will go over any last minute issues with this material on Monday - Chapter Test on Tuesday.
CALM - last day for 4 Careers info to be handed in.
Sept 27/18:
Math 10C - working the conversions from yesterday. Assigned L6; # 1 - 7, 14, 16, 17. Test on Monday.
Math 20-1 - radical equations. We looked at the graphing of a radical equation and its domain/restrictions. We briefly looked at what happens to a radical equation when it is equated to another equation (linear/constant). Assigned L6; # 1, 4, 5 - 11. Test on Tuesday.
CALM - students were asked to look at 4 recommended careers (from a survey they did last week) and find the post secondary training, high school prerequisites and starting salary of the career. This is in anticipation of a RAP coordinator comming in in the next couple of weeks and the Moving Out Project.
Sept 26/18
Math 10C - we looked at converting powers to radicals today and all the different variations that may include. Assigned L5; ALL. The next chapter test will be Monday, Oct 1.
Math 20-1 - Why the factoring? So we can solve degree 2 equations, that's why. Assigned L5; # 1cfi, 2cf, 3cf, 4b, 5, 9, 10. The next chapter test was announced - Tuesday of next week - Factoring Chapter.
CALM - today we had  our very own Stephanie talk to us about anxiety and mindfulness - this discussion/activity will continue next week as well.
Sept 25/18:
Math 10C - more work on exponents. Assigned L4; # 1, 3, 5, 6, 13-15
Math 20-1 - more factoring. The methods are still the same 5 we started with, but we are taking the bases of the exponents to a more difficult level (binomial instead of monomial). Assigned L4; 1klmno, 2, 3def, 4bf, 5ghi, 6, 7, 10
CALM - today we had a guest speaker on Sexual Health - reflection form to due tomorrow. The speaker will return next week to deal with questions.
Sept 21/18:
Math 10C - we looked at how to evaluate negative exponents using patterns and the short cut. Assigned L3; 3ace, 4-7, 11, 14.
Math 20-1 - we examined the questions that arose from yesterday's assignment and began work on L4 factoring but ran out of time before completing the entire lesson. No HW has been assigned. Enjoy your weekend!
CALM- we bagan investigating the links between recommended careers (from yesterday's class) and post secondary programs and the high school prerequisites that go along with htem. We will continue this work on Tuesday.
Sept 20/18:
Math 10C- Assigned L2; 5, 6, 7, 8ace, 9ace, 10 - 13
Math 20-1- Assigned L3; # 1ace, 3 - 8, 10
CALM- today we completed the myBlueprint survey to look at our learning styles and general apptitudes are for employment purposes. Students created a list of 4 careers that were recommended based on their survey results.
Sept 19/18:
Math 10C - Exponent Laws. Today we expanded, simplified, then evaluated exponent questions so that the application of exponent laws would make better sense. Assigned L1; # 8-18, L2; # 1-4.
Math 20-1- we looked at how to factor trinomials using algebra tiles as wellas algebraically. The diiference between factoring a PST vs a 3 trinomial where a=1 with tiles. Assigned L2; # 1, 2ac, 3ace, 4ace, 5, 6bcf, 7bdf, 8 - 11, 14 - 16.
CALM- want to know a dirty and disgusting job - ask your child.
Sept 18/18:
Math 10C - students wrote their first test today. No new HW assigned.
Math 20-1- we reviewed questions from last day's assignment and then looked over the Radicals test from Friday/Monday. We did an introductory exercise into factoring by decomposition. No new HW assigned.
CALM- course outlines were distributed - parents acknowledgement is required. We discussed rules of school today - students handed in their reflection forms regarding yesterday's speaker.
Sept 17/18:
Math 10C- there is a test on chapter 1 tomorrow. We discussed the concepts to be covered in class today and reviewed any contentious questions from Fridays' assigned questions. We began looking at the next chapter which is on Exponents. We briefly looked at the components of a power. Assigned L1; # 1 - 7 (ace only).
Math 20-1- We began the Factoring chapter; the first 4 methods of factoring (GCF, difference of squares, inspection and grouping). Tomorrow we will look at decomposition. tudents were also allowed 20 extra minutes to complete their tests from Friday. Assigned L1; #2, 3acegik, 4ace, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12.
CALM- speaker; Kim. Topic: suicide prevention. Students have a reflection form to complete. Interesting discussions and information was provided on a very sensitive topic. Excellent class participation - well done!.
Sept 14/18:
Math 10C - we reviewed the questions from L7. Assigned the Practice Test. Chapter test on Tuesday.
Math 20-1: students wrote a chapter test today. No new HW.
CALM: last day to complete the HCS 3000.
Sept 13/18:
Math 10C: there will be a test on Chapter 1 on Tuesday. Today we discussed working with radicals that contain variables. Assigned L7; # 1aceh, 2cdh, 7, 8g - l, 9, 10d - l
Math 20-1: the people have spoken; there will be a chapter test tomorrow. Today, we reviewed problems and I assigned L6; Practice Test.
CALM: HCS 3000 - tomorrow is our deadline to complete the online course. Many of the students who are finished are using class to do other work.
Sept 12/18:
Math 10C: we worked on converting entire and mixed radicals with an emphasis on simplifying a radical. These concepts are foundational. Assigned L6; #3, 4, 7, 10, 14
Math 20-1: division with binomials. Use of the conjugate in order to rationalize the denominator. We discussed some vocabulary issues as well. Assigned L5; # 2 - 4(ac), 5bc, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12.
CALM: continue with online course HCS 3000 - the deadline for completion is Friday, Sept 14.
Sept 11/18:
Math 10C: discussed radicals (the meaning of the notation and simplifying). Assigned L5; ALL - THIS LESSON REQUIRES A DEGREE OF MASTERY
Math 20-1: we looked at division with monomial divisors - there is some element of decision making on this topic. Assigned L4; #3ace, 4ace, 5acegik, 7ac, 8, 10, 11, 15, 16
CALM: HCS 3000 - the suffering continues.
Sept 10/18:
Math 10C - we continued our numeracy discussions and went back to look at LCM's and did our current lesson on estimating the value of radicals and absolute values. Assigned L4; # 4 - 7, 10, 12, 17.
Math 20-1: Rules for multiplying radicals - discussed when to simplify (sometimes its best to simplify first, then multiply). Assigned L3; # 4df, 7ace, 8b, 9cd, 10d, 11ac, 14, 16, 17.
CALM: we will continue with the on line HCS3000 course until Monday Sept 17. Any student who has not completed the course by then will be asked to join me for lunch/FLT/ or after school until they complete the course.
Sept 7/18:
Math 10C - classifying and convert rationals and irrationals algebraically. Assigned L3; #1 - 3, 7, 8, 12
Math 20-1 - adding/subtracting radicals. Assigned L2; # 3ace, 5, 6b, 7, 12, 13
CALM - continue to work on HCS3000.
Sept 6/18:
Math 10C: discussion regarding prime factorization and how to use it to find GCF's. Assign L2; # 3ace, 4ab
Math 20-1: discussion regarding entire/mixed radicals - indices of 2, 3 and 4 were used. Assigned L1; # 6acrg, 7, 10ace, 14, 15.
CALM: began (slooooowly) work on getting everyone set to begin HCS3000 (workplace safety online course). No HW assigned.
Sept 5/18:
Math 10C - discussed problem with prime factorization (divisibility rules help). Assigned L1; # 1-3, 8, 9, 11, 14-16
Math 20-1 - workbooks handed out. First discussion on Radicals - simplification of square/cube roots. No HW assigned.
CALM - discussion regarding Work Experience program (WE) - all students registered for HCS 3000 on line course. Intelligences questionnaire assigned.
Sept 4/18:
Math 10C- Discussed the history of numbers, prime/composite numbers and prime factorinzation. Assigned P. 3; CE#5, 6
CALM -Quick inventory on what helps students be at their best.  Permission Forms to be handed out on Monday.
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