A listing of places to begin your scholarship search.

Scholarships: Where Do I Start?


We recommend that each grade 12 student schedule an appointment with his or her school counsellor for more detailed, tailored, and customized information regarding scholarships and eligibility for scholarships. What we have listed below is merely a place for all students to start.

1. The Rutherford Scholarship.

This is an easy scholarship to apply for and all students who are planning on going somewhere for Post-Secondary should apply. More information can be found here.



There are five pages linked from the ALIS website. Each of the links provides a list of scholarships that students might be eligible for. The ALIS website for scholarships can be found here.



This free, Canadian database of scholarships will attempt to filter scholarships for you so that only scholarships you are eligible for will show up. There are also wonderful web forums and articles to help you in your scholarship hunt. The website is:



This is another free, Canadian database of scholarships, bursaries, grants, and contests. After creating a profile, the system will attempt to filter its database of more than 80,000 awards to ones that you are eligible for. The website is:



This is a new scholarship database that works to help people start scholarships and then connects students with those scholarships. It does not sell as much of your personal information as Yconic and ScholarshipsCanada do. Click here to check it out.


4. Local Scholarships

Students from Chestermere High School might be eligible for the Rocky View Teachers' Scholarship or the Chestermere High School Scholarship, or the Jaydon Sommerfeld Bursary. Please see Ms. Allan or Ms. Guitard for more information and to pick up the application forms - usually April is when we receive the updated forms for these awards.

2018-2019 Chestermere High Scholarship Application Form

2018-2019 RVATA #35 Teachers' Scholarships - Information here

2018-2019 Jaydon Sommerfeld Memorial Bursary Application Information


5. Remind

Remind is a free service that allows us to send out short updates to people who have subscribed to the service. You can choose to download an app for iOS or Android, or have messages delivered via text to your phone.

To get signed up, please go to:

Class of 2019: Click Here

If you have questions, please contact Ms. Allan.

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