Innovation By Design/Engineering Futures

Engineering Futures/Innovation By Design (2018/2019)


Innovation By Design

The Innovation By Design cohort is a unique opportunity for Grade 10 students at Chestermere High School where learning experiences are designed around student curiosity and interests. Students learn their core subjects through cross-curricular projects, collaborative inquiry and the application of their learning to solve real world problems, with a strong focus on student choice. Students in this program are set up for success in their future years of learning as they will not only have the requisite knowledge, but also the skills of a strong 21st Century learner.

The program is designed to run as a true cohort experience in the mornings with students working on projects designed to help them achieve outcomes in  Social Studies 10-1, Science 10, Math 10C and ELA 10-1. Students will still have the opportunity to engage in their own course selection in the afternoons.


Here is our brochure with more information and how to apply for the program:

Innovation By Design Brochure & Application


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