Learning Support Centre Info Page

Our Vision:

The goal of the Learning Support Center (LSC for short!) is to have all students we work with achieve their high school completion, to know their needs as a learner and to be able to self-advocate for those needs.

LSC is a team of teachers and T.A.s who work closely with will all classroom teachers.  We support any student who has a specialized learning need.  Our clients are those who need support as they discover their own personal learning style and develop effective study strategies.  They may have English as an additional language, have a medical condition that affects their progress at school, have a learning disability, or a cognitive delay.

We operate out of two classrooms in the south end of the building. The Study Center in the north end is also used as an alternate space when needed.  Our classrooms are open at all times.  Students can access us by talking with their classroom teacher.  We provide an alternate space for students when the classroom is not conducive to their learning.  For assessments, we are able to read tests to students, provide extra time, and model test taking strategies.  For assignments, we are able to teach, re-teach, and assist with the work.  We are also able to offer students a scheduled LSC block, a block of time in their schedule that is used for homework and assignment completion with teacher support available when needed.  This can be arranged in consultation with a LSC teacher.

About IPPs:

Individual Program Plans (IPPs) are a living document.  That means that they are regularly being changed or adjusted as the student progresses and as we as teachers learn more about the student, their needs and potential.  The printed document reflects progress at that point in time.

Parents are invited to contribute to the IPP through contact with the LSC.  This can be done anytime by phone or e-mail and by attending parent-teacher interviews.

Students are encouraged to participate as well.  They may contact us; we will definitely contact them.


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