Work Experience

Chestermere High runs a Work Experience Program at the 15/25/35 course levels.  Contact Dr. Judah for more program information.

Work Experience 15, 25, 35

Course Outline

Off-Campus Education integrates a student’s academic study and related work experience with cooperating employers in the appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and other professions.

The Off-Campus Education experience provides students with the opportunity to:

•       explore occupations and test career decisions;

•       acquire credible references for post secondary education and/or employment;

•       rehearse and test job search skills with employers;

•       obtain 3 to 30 high school credits utilizing the workplace as the classroom.

Course Prerequisites: CTR 1010

General Outcomes: The objectives of the Work Experience Program are that the students will:

(a)   have an opportunity to participate in meaningful work;

(b)   realize the importance of developing acceptable work habits and the need for self-discipline in the work place;

(c)   develop an understanding of positive attitudes for getting along in the work force;

(d)   observe employer and employee relationships in a work setting;

(e)   put into practice acquired knowledge of application forms, references, resume and job interview situations;

(f)   be enabled to explore career opportunities at the source;

(g)   generally receive assistance in making the transition from school to the working world.

Evaluation: All three Work Experience courses will be evaluated based on Employability skills and Workplace skills as outlined on the Student Evaluation Form available from your Off-Campus Education Coordinator. Student marks are based on employer evaluation. Students will receive credits based on their hours worked. Final timesheets and student evaluations are required by January 15th for first semester reporting or June 15th for second semester reporting.

Training Plan Development and follow through  
Weekly Timesheets 35%
Employer/Supervisor Evaluation
Self Evaluation   


Students may receive credits at the 15, 25 and/or 35 level. Students receive 5 credits for every 125 hours based upon successful completion of school and workplace learning expectations.  NOTE: A maximum of 15 credits in Work Experience can be counted towards the High School Diploma. Students can receive credits for paid or volunteer work.

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