Focus Learning Time

Focus Learning Time (FLT) is a 36 minute block on Tuesday through Thursday and a 39 minute block on Friday where students can choose a classroom or teacher to support their learning.  The block is instructional time and attendance is mandatory, but students choose where to attend.  FLT is attached to a different block each day.  Students have the availability and option to sign up for FLT blocks that align with their learning needs and strategies.

FLT is an initiative that is designed to support the learning of all our students and the development and growth of student autonomy.  FLT is an opportunity for staff and students to be responsive to student learning needs.  During FLT blocks, teachers provide a variety of activities that may include, but are not limited to: work completion, extra help, study sessions, review of curriculum/materials, assessment (quiz/test) rewrites, and enrichment opportunities.

Click here to download the FLT Exemption Form for grade 12 students who have a spare.

For more information regarding FLT and the initiatives through Chestermere High School and Alberta Education, please refer to the following link:

Chestermere High School Community Memo: Frequently Asked Questions

Alberta High School Redesign:

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