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Home Study Tips:

  • Read the question carefully - sometimes it is easier to read the last statement of the question, then go back and read the question from the beginning. Feel free to underline key terms in the question.
  • When you are creating a strategy to solve the question, ask yourself if there is a specific math skill that you need to use in your strategy.
  • Apply your strategy to the problem to arrive at an answer. Be sure to include your process in your solution - with your process recorded you can see where you went wrong (learn from your mistakes !!). If your solution is correct, you have a great example of how to answer that type of question.
  • Does the answer seem reasonable? If it does not try a different approach, ask a neighbour, go to extra math help and ask your teacher, ask your uncle Fred....ASK! Do not use 'giving up' as an option - its only Math, how bad can it be!

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    Wed. Oct 21/20:

    Math 10C(am) - we began our 4th chapter today.. Polynomials! Students were dragged through the vocabulary that will be used in this (and additional) chapters as well as the visual vs symbolic versions of a variety of polynomials. Much of what did today was not news to the class, but the attention to details (especially collecting of like terms) is a huge deal in this chapter. Assigned L1; ALL.

    Math 20-1 - if you were ever wondering why we need to know how to factor today was the day. We looked at the use of factoring to find x intercepts of various quadratics. I included a graph with many of the examples so students could see what their factoring accomplished. When looking at the graph students were also shown what other characteristics the parabola has that we need to be able to determine...more about that later. Assigned L5; # 1 - 3 (ace for 1st 3 questions), 4, 5.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Tues. Oct 20/20:

    Math 10C (am) - students wrote the Exponents Chapter Test - no new HW assigned.

    Math 20-1 - we revisited the issues with systems....might still be an issue but we do need to move on. We finished most of the diferent versions of difference of squares factoring (when the base of the square is a binomial instead of a single variable). Assigned L4; # 1ace, 3ace, 4ace, 5acei, 6, 7.

    Math 10C (pm) - students wrote their Exponents Chapter Test - no new HW assigned.


    Mon. Oct 19/20:

    Math 10C (am) - after discussing questions from the last lesson, students prepared for tomorrow's chapter test. Assigned L7: Practice Test

    Math 20-1 - we encountered a bit of an obstacle today in that the memories of past math classes (of the grade 10 variety) were fond yet rather cloudy, particularly n the area of systems of equations. I showed the G10 video I did during lockdown and some found it vaguely familiar so I have put 4 systems questions up for solving in place of the usual ya go:

    a) y = 2x + 1       b) y = 2x + 5      c) 6x - y - 2 = 0      d) y = (1/3)x - (5/3)

    y = -3x - 7          y = 3x - 2           x - 2y - 6 = 0          y = 0.25x - 3.75

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Fri. Oct 16/20:

    Math 10C (am)- we have now completed the Exponents chapter and students have been notified about the test next week. Today we took one final look at rational exponents and order of operations for some more advanced questions on exponents. Assigned L6; # (1, 2, - aceg only), 3 - 7.

    Math 20-1 - we continued our look into factoring - today we fatored trinomials with 2 variables and trinomials with binomials instead of variables. Assigned L3; # 1, 2 (ace), 4 - 6, 10.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Thur. Oct 15:

    Math 10C (am) - students wrote their first unit test today based on Numbers and Trigonometry. No new homework assigned.

    Math 20-1 - we continued to review factoring by investigating the tiles and algebra behind the decomposition method. Assigned L2; # 2ad, 3ace,4ace, 5, 6ace, 8, 9.

    Math 10C (pm) - this lucky group also got wrote the Unit Test. No new homework assigned.


    Answers for the Unit Test Review:

    Ok - here they are...

    1a) 2 x 3 x 3 x 5 x 7 x 11

    b) 3 x 3 x 5 x 11

    c) 2 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 7 x 11

    2a) 30

    b) 8

    3a) 76 230

    b) 32 340

    4. 119/250

    5a) -9

    b) 1/4

    c) - 16/3

    d) 42/11 cube root 5

    6a) cube root of 40p to the 7th q to the 7th

    b) root 4 of 80 x to the 5th y to the 12th

    7a) 0.7265

    b) 0.9781

    c) 0.9781

    8a) 56 degrees

    b) 89 degrees

    c) 68 degrees

    9. angle C = 35 degrees

    10. angle Z = 47 degrees

    11. 57.8 km

    12. 46 m

    Wed. Oct 14/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we spent the class eliminating the cobwebs from our knowledge of the first chapter. I have given a review booklet to help focus the mind. The booklet is due tomorrow at the test. Assigned; Review Booklet.

    Math 20-1 - factoring. Enough said. Assigned L1; ALL questions.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Tues. Oct 13/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we continued our look into the exponent laws using rational exponents (positive/negative fractions/decimals in the exponent position). The questions are now getting to a higher level of difficulty so it is more important than ever to ask questions when you get stuck! Assigned L5; # 1 - 5. The Unit Test will be Thursday based on Numbers and Trig chapters - UT review tomorrow.

    Math 20-1 - students wrote a chapter test on Trigonometry today - no new homework assigned.

    Math 10C (pm) - see  (am) class.



    Thurs. Oct 8/20 :

    Math 10C (am) - students worked on one of the applications of exponents with scientific notation. Assigned L4: # 5 - 8, 13, 14. UT soon.

    Math 20-1 - students completed the last of the questions regarding the chapter on Trigonometry. Assigned Parctice Test: ALL questions. Students have a chapter test on Tuesday.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.



    Wed. Oct 7/20:

    Math 10C (am)  - we are still on the exponent laws but now we are investigating what happens when the exponent is an integer (positive or negative whole number). There is a long way and a short way of dealing with negative exponents - the 5 operation laws are still the same. Assigned L3; # 3 - 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14.

    Math 20-1 - what happens when you add direction to a length? Fun happens in the form of a vector. Assigned L3; # 1 - 4, 6, 7.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Tues. Oct 6/20 :

    Math 10C (am) - we continued with our investigations into exponent laws. Assigned L2; # 1 - 4(ace only), 5- 9, 12, 13.

    Math 20-1 - we looked at the ambiguous case for the sine law - not a huge deal until it is... Assigned L7; # 3 - 6.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Mon. Oct 5/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we completed our study of the exponent laws and will spend the next week or so seeing just how complex the entire set of laws can be. Assigned L1; #1 - 5, 10 - 14, 17, 18, 20.

    Math 20-1 - we reviewed questions arising from the sine law and then investigated the cosine law. Students now have tools (from grade 10 and this semester_ to deal with angles and side lengths of right and obliques triangles. Assigned L6; # 3, 4, 6, 7ac, 9.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as (am) class.



    Fri. Oct 2/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we started a new chapter on Exponents today and were able to just stratch the surface when we switched gears and looked over the Numbers Chapter Test. I returned all the test to the students and they were able to ask questions about the test that gave them trouble. All test were returned. Assigned no new homework.

    Math 20-1 - we completed our work on the sine law and discussed the necessity for certain conditions to be met in order for sine law to be used. Assigned L5; #5 - 7, 9, 11.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as the (am) class.


    Thurs. Oct 1/20:

    Math 10C (am)- students wrote their Trig Test today. No new homework assigned.

    Math 20-1 - we began investigating the patterns which form the basis of sine law. We did not complete the lesson as the Radical Test was returned and reviewed towards the end of class. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and clear up any misunderstandings arising from the test. Ask you child how they can replace a score they are not satisfied with...there is an opportunity here. Assigned L5; # 2, 3.

    Math 10C (pm) students wrote the chapter test on Trigonometry. No new homework assigned.


    Wed. Sept 30/2:

    Math 10C (am) - we have finished with the reuired learner outcomes for the trig section of the curriculum. There will be a test on Trig tomorrow. Students please remember that cell phones will not be allowed for tomorrow's test - bring a calculator. Assigned L8 Practice Test.

    Math 20-1 - we completed our work on rotationand reference angles by looking into the unit circle and the use of coordinates of the special angles. Assigned L4; 6 - 13, 15ac, 16aceg.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Tues. Sept 29/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we continued our work with trig by looking at more examples of problem solving where trig may be used. Assigned L7; #3, 7, and 2 questions that are the students' choice. There will be a chapter test on Trigonometry Thursday.

    Math 20-1 - special angles and the unit circle...need I say more. Assigned L4; #1 - 5.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as the (am) class.


    Mon. Sept 28/20:

    Math 10C - big day today - we looked at a variety of written problems that could be translated into diagrams which highlight the location of the right triangle so we can apply our knowledge of trig to solve. This also meant the introduction of bearings, which now gives direction to our lengths (creating vectors). The diagrams associated with these bearings created issues in terms of their complexity - this is hard work. Be patient, hang in there and we will pick up the problem questions tomorrow. Assigned L6; ALL

    Math 20-1 - a very long session today working with CAST rules and problem solving. We are at a point where we need to be able to see the relationship betweenpoints on a terminal arm and the reference angle and rotation angles that go with them as well as finding these angles when given "hints' as to their value (as a ratio) and the possibility of having 2 solutions or 2 solution depending on the parameters given (ex 0 º - 180º vs 0º - 360º ). The CAST rule and the quadrants associated with it are also in play. Lotsa stuff going on here!! Assigned L3; # 1 - 6, 14 - 16.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as (am) class.


    Fri. Sept 25/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we spent the last couple of classes examining the types of questions trig (and Pythagoras) can help us solve. We have, to this point, worked mostly on the basic skills required to achieve this end. Now it is time for the students to look at a mix of questions and determine the type and the strategy they are going to use to solve the problem. Assigned L5; # 2 - 9.

    Math 20-1 - yesterday, most of the class time was spent on working with rotation angles/reference angles/points on the terminal arm and or newest addition the CAST rule. Since no time was left for practicing what we learned we shall spent this class doing the questions associated with the lesson. Assigned L2; # 1 - 7, 13.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Thurs. Sept 24/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we investigated the way in which the primary trig ratios can be used to find the missing side of a triangle when given 2 sides of a right triangle. Many of the steps are similar to what we did yesterday - not surprising since the ratios haven't changed. Assigned L4; # 3 - 7, 9, 10, 12.

    Math 20-1 - we continued with our work into rotation/reference angles by placing them on a grid and using Pythagoras and points on the terminal arm of an angle to see how the reference angle and its sign is related to various rotation angles. Assigned L2; #1, 2.

    Math 10C (pm)- see (am) class.


    Wed. Sept 23/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we began the sproblem solving portion of trig today where students investigated how to solve for a missing side length, given an angle and one other side length. Assigned L3; # 1a, d, g, 2 - 4, 8, 11.

    Math 20-1 - on to Grade 11 math!! We began looking at the relationship between rotation angles in standard position to refernece angles in all 4 quadrants. Assigned L 1; # 3 - 7, 19.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Tues. Sept 22/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we continued ourinvestigation of the primary ratios and took a look at another pettern in the trig tables for sin, cos and tan. Assigned L1; #3-6, 10, 11 and L2; # 3, 4, 8.

    Math 20-1 - we completed our review of G10 trig with some questions on how to use the ratios/angles patterns to solve simple problems. Students do need some level of proficiency in right triangle trig to transition well into sine and cosine laws. Assigned Hand out (4 pages), right hand column only. The answer key is posted outside my classroom.

    Math 10C (pm) - see (am) class.


    Tues. Sept 8:

    Math 10C (am): today we reviewed prime factoring using division tables and factor trees. We also reviewed the classification of numbers as prime or composite. Assigned Lesson 1; # 4-10, 14-16.

    Math 20-1: today we reviewed the simplification of radicals and how prime factorization helps us accomplish it. Assigned Lesson 1; # 3, 4, 6 - 10.

    Math 10C (pm): today we reviewed the classification of numbers (prime/composite) and the methods to prome factorize. Assigned Lesson 1; # 4 - 10, 14 - 16.


    Wed. Sept 9/20:

    Math 10C (am)- We looked at finding the GCF and LCM using factoring. The emphasis is on the process of prime factorizing - Assigned L2; # 3, 6, 15.

    Math 20-1: we studies the addition and subtraction of radicals today - look for common radicands and away you go!! Assigned L2; #2ace, 3ace, 4, 5, 6a.

    Math 10C (pm):How can we use prime factorizations? We use it to find the GCF and LCM - this requires practice so....Assigned: L2; # 3, 6, 15


    Thurs. Sept 10/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we looked into categorizing numbers into the various sets ( N, W, I, etc) and dug deep into the conversions of fractions and decimals. This is all being done without the advantage of a calculator - I know the impulse is to take the obvious short cut, but we are working on numeracy and calculators get in the way of that. Have a chat with your young student and see if they can show off a bit for you!. Assigned L3; # 4, 5, 6ac, 9 - 11.

    Math 20-1 - another beautiful day in downtown Chestermere! We worked on the mutilplication of radicals - pretty straight forward until order of operations and conjugates are thrown into the mix. Assigned L3; # 9ac, 10ac, 14 - 17.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as the morning class!!


    Fri. Sept 11/20:

    Math 10C (am): We are beginning the section on radicals, we will start with the estimation of squarea and cubes (numbers with an index of 2 or 3). Assigned L4; # 2 - 7, 13, 14.

    Math 20-1 - Division of radicals (with denominatots with 1 term). We investigated the method of putting the dividend and divisor under one sign, then dividing, then, if that doesn't work rationalizing the denominator. Assigned L4; #2, 3, 6-8, 10.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as the am class.


    Mon. Sept 14/20:

    Math 10C (am) -students began their investigations into silplifying radicals....this stuff is not easy as it requires prime factorization and an understanding of how the index of a radical works. The solutions to the hand out are posted outside my classroom. It was suggested they take a picture of it before leaving. Assigned L5; # 5, 6, 8 and the handout.

    Math 20-1 -more division - this time with a denominator that is a binomial. The use of the conjugate has returned!! Assigned L5; #1ace, 2ac, 3ad.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as the morning class.


    Tues. Sept 15/20:

    Math 10C (am) - simplifying radicals is in pull swing - students worked on entire /mixed raddical conversions. Assigned L6; # 2, 3, 5, 11, 14.

    Math 20-1 - last day for division with a binomial divisor/denominator. Tomorrow we will be working to prepare for the first test of the semester that is on Thursday. Assigned L6; # 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as the am class.


    Wed. Sept 16/20:

    Math 10C  (am)- we looked at the last lesson in the Numbers chapter today - the concepts were not new but because they dealt with variable radicands and coefficients there was some insecurity about how to deal with them. The rules don't change for variables so most of our time was spent reviewing some basic exponent laws. Assigned L7; # 1, 2 There will be a Numbers Chapter Test on Friday.

    Math 20-1 - we didn't get much time on math due to the Paul Davis OnLine zoom assembly. Assigned Practice Test ( Lesson 7) - there will be a test on Friday on Radicals.

    Math 10C (pm) - same as am class.


    Thurs. Sept 17/20:

    Math 10C (am) - students spent the period reviewing for tomorrow's Numbers Chapter Test. Assigned Practice Test.

    Math 20-1 - students spent today's class preparing for tomorrow's test on Radicals. Assigned Practice Test.

    Math10C (pm) - same as (am) class.


    Fri. Sept 18/20:

    Math 10C (am) - no new HW as students wrote their first chapter test.

    Math 20-1 - no new HW as students wrote their first chapter test.

    Math 10C (pm) - no new HW as students wrote their first chapter test.


    Mon. Sept 21/20:

    Math 10C (am) - we began our initial look into the primary ratios of trigonometry today. Students investigated the pattern that exists within similar triangles and how this pattern may be used. Assigned p. 203; #1.

    Math 20-1 - due to the lockdown last spring we started our Trig chapter with a review of the grade 10 trig which some students may not have received. I will conclude the review tomorrow and we will then begin with the grade 11 portion of trig which is on reference and rotation angles. No new HW assigned.

    Math 10C - see (am) class.




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