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Since September 2012, Chestermere High School has engaged in an ubiquitous computing project, entitled One-to-One. Specifically, on the first day of school, and every day thereafter, every Chestermere High School student would be asked to bring a laptop to school to support his/her learning.

Personally Owned Devices (PODs) System Requirements

Rockyview Schools standards for High School Personally Owned Devices (PODs) would be for students to have a laptop capable of running Quest A+ software utilized by Alberta Education for examination purposes (  Personal Chromebooks, Linux or other OS devices and Surface/Transformer Tablets cannot run this software. The only devices capable of running the Quest A+ software are devices running Windows or Mac OS software (excluding all tablets except Surface Pro).

Any device capable of running the Quest A+ software mentioned above will work for all other school requirements.  Additional considerations would be:

  1. Have installed Office Productivity software (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation) such as MS Office, Open Office (Free), iWork, or Google Docs (included in students RVS email accounts).
  2. Windows computers should have active anti-virus software installed and running.

See the Recommended Software List below for required and recommended software.

Recommended Software List

Click here to go to our Recommended Software List page which contains links for software required under this initiative.

What is the primary goal of this initiative?

The key goal of this initiative is improving and enhancing student learning through the implementation of ubiquitous computing. Ubiquitous computing makes use of a variety of digital devices and resources to engage students in critically analyzing information, creating new knowledge, communicating what they have learned, and choosing tools that are appropriate for a particular task.

Why move in this direction?

There has been a surge of research related to the role of technology in the daily lives of students. Dr. Sharon Friesen, a leading researcher in the area, believes five core principles must be followed to engage today’s “millennials”, a term used to describe the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s:

• Effective teaching practice begins with the thoughtful and intentional design of learning that engages students intellectually and academically.
• The work that students are asked to undertake is worthy of their time and attention, is personally relevant,
and deeply connected to the world in which they live.
• Assessment practices are clearly focused on improving student learning and guiding teaching decisions and actions.
• Teachers foster a variety of interdependent relationships in classrooms that promote learning and create a strong culture around learning.
• Teachers improve their practice in the company of peers.

Surrounding and infused into each of these five core principles is the effective use of the technologies. It is undeniable that the face of education and the role of technology are changing rapidly.

How does this initiative align with the school’s mission and learning principles?

Chestermere High School's mission statement and key learning principles were designed to meet the needs of a high school environment, and were aligned with Rocky View Schools’ Portrait of the 21st Century Learner.

Chestermere High School’s aim is to use the power of technology in a purposeful and meaningful way to deepen understanding. The school strongly believes that the one-to-one initiative will help create a culture where the seamless integration of technology with curriculum will provide a rich information and communications-learning environment. Not only will our students benefit, but our teachers will be engaged in a professional learning environment that will further develop and model their own critical thinking, communication skills and professional practice.

How will this project get laptops into the hands of all students?

Every student from grades 10-12 at Chestermere High School will be encouraged to purchase a laptop for school, starting in the 2012-2013 school year. The minimum standard for the immediate future will be either a Mac or PC laptop with Microsoft Office, Open Office or Neo Office, but as computing devices evolve, that minimum standard will change. For students who can’t afford a laptop, the school will have loaners for them to sign out during the school day.

How will student computers be supported?

Chestermere High provides in school technical support via a professional School Technologist.  This support consists of assisting students with a variety of issues they may face with their devices regarding network access, functionality, and hardware issues.  School tech support staff cannot "repair" a student's laptop if there is a hardware failure or damage to the device as this may cause warranty issues.  In the end, each devices is individually owned and is the responisibility of the owner for maintenance and upkeep but we will do our best to assist where we can.

How will the students be able to power/charge their units for a full day's usage?

Chestermere High School students will need to be proactive in charging their machines daily at home. Chestermere High School will be supplying power charging sources should students need them.

How will computer theft be addressed?

Chestermere High School strongly recommends parents insure their student’s computer through home insurance. As with all possessions brought to school, it is important for students to keep their valuables secure by keeping them in their locker. Additionally, there are options that help track to whom the machine belongs. Permanent identification of the machine via engraving is recommended. Chestermere High School will provide this service.

Does each school have the infrastructure to support 500 - 750+ laptops?

RVS experts have assessed the school to ensure that appropriate infrastructure is in place to support the increase in technology. We currently have a 100 mbps internet pipe and access points in every classroom to meet these needs.

What other technologies will be used through this initiative?

All of the classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and/or projectors. These tools will be used regularly as a teaching tool. The school also uses Plone/Moodle technologies, which serves as a powerful tool to post important information for both students and parents. Chestermere High School uses this online classroom environment, along with Video Conferencing and other technologies to augment students’ learning, as well as increase students’ access to additional programs, special projects, and initiatives.

How will this endeavour be funded?

The plan for Chestermere High School is to use its Division supported technology budget to build infrastructure for a one-to-one environment.

Will parents be charged extra fees?

Outside of the purchase of a laptop for their student, no additional fees will be charged for this initiative.

What will the technology budget be spent on?

The plan for building infrastructure is twofold; the school will invest in expanding the opportunities for students and teachers to be able to operate in an environment that will be inviting to ubiquitous computing. This will require additional hardware and software support. RVS schools are also going through a cycle of network hardware upgrades to handle ever increasing traffic loads.  Additionally, and perhaps the most important, is to continually invest in professional learning for teachers. Essentially the transformation of learning and engagement will be continuous.

What is the plan to communicate with the stakeholders?

Chestermere High School will consult with our school council chairs and will hold various parent meetings to discuss this initiative in depth to gather input. Additionally the information is available on our Plone sites. School councils from our feeder schools will be invited to attend these meetings.

Who can I contact for more information?

Chestermere High School encourages parents to call the school office at 403-272-8868403-272-8868 if they have any questions. Staff also will be posting regular updates on this initiative on our school plone sites.

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