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Government generated rubric for critical writing.
File PR
Government generated rubric for personal/creative writing.
Government generated rubrics. These rubrics, or some variation, will be used for all assessment.
These rubrics are for the three major types of writing required at the 30-2 level. Some variation of these rubrics is used for all other assignments.
File PE
This rubric is for the Persuasive Essay and is used to mark all writing/projects that are persuasive in nature.
This rubric is for the assessment of critical writing/project aspects.
File VR
The rubric is for a Visual Reflection. It is used, primarily, for creative responses.
File Personal Response
Rubric - government
File Visual Response
Rubric - government
File PR
This rubric, or some variation of it, is for the assessment of all personal refelction and creative assignments.
File POS - GLO Checklist
File Foundations of Literature - Grammar
File NQA - Assignment Submission
Ms. Loogman
English 10-1
Mr. Sieben
Course Outlines
Course Outlines
File ELA 10 Program Guide
File English 30-1 Course Outline
Ms. Ridley
Ms. Ridley's Page
Ms. Fulthorpe
Mr. Hauck
File English 10-1
File English 20-2
File How to do better in English
English is a skill-based course, and often students inquire what they can do to improve their grades. Just like any skill, the best way to improve a skill is ...
File ELA 30-2 Course Outline
ELA 30-2 Course Outline
Ms. Douglas' Page