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Mr. Robertson Principal crrobertson
Ms. Schultz Assistant Principal lschultz
Mr. Ozcan Assistant Principal eozcan


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Teaching Staff

Dr. Judah RAP/Work Experience
Ms. Allan Counselling ballan
Ms. Anderson Band, French, Fine Arts kaanderson
Mr. Autet Construction, Fabrication, CTS aautet
Mr. Barham Science gbarham
Ms. Beal Learning Support kbeal
Mr. Beseau Fine Arts pbeseau
Ms. Cote Science lcote
Ms. Chernov Social ichernov
Ms. Dahl Learning Support cdahl
Ms. Dawes Science cdawes
Ms. DeGroot Math kdegroot
Mr. Derkatch Physical Education, Sports Medicine, CALM cderkatch
Ms. Everson Physical Education teverson
Mr. Farrell Math cfarrell
Ms. Fulthorpe English cfulthorpe
Ms. Gill Social, Leasdership wgill
Ms. Grimbly Science, Fashions kgrimbly
Ms. Guitard Counselling mguitard
Mr. Hauck English, Drama, Film rhauck
Ms. Holland Foods, CTS oholland
Mr. Lakaparampil Science jlakaparampil
Mr. Ledieu Physical Education sledieu
Ms. Loogman English, Abnormal Psych kloogman
Mr. Lynch English glynch
Mr. MacFadyen Math pmacfadyen
Ms. Martin Math hmartin
Mr. Massig Math dmassig
Ms. McDonald Social Studies, Legal Studies tmcdonald
Ms. Mcintyre Cosmetology, CTS mmcintyre
Mr. Mitschke Biology, Paleontology, Science gmitschke
Ms. Mohammad Social rdadmohammad
Mr. Moore Robotics, Physics, Math, Comp Science, CTS damoore
Ms. Pandey Social, Yoga rpandey
Ms. Perry English aperry
Mr. Raaymakers Social, Legal Studies wraaymakers
Ms. Ridley ELL, English kridley
Mr. Sieben English bsieben
Ms. Taylor Physical Education staylor
Mr. Tomiak Science jtomiak
Ms. Wallman K&E, Learning Support jwallman
Ms. Weseen Culinary, CTS bweseen

Support Staff

Mr. Allen Learning Assistant
Ms. Badick WeConnect Coordinator
Ms. Crawford Learning Assistant
Ms. Friesen Learning Assistant
Ms. Golding Learning Commons Facilitator
Ms. Huish Learning Assistant
Ms. Janardhan Learning Assistant
Ms. Jones Learning Assistant
Ms. Robak Learning Assistant
Mr. Rojas Technology erojas
Mr. Wright Chef (Culinary) matgwright
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