Quest A+ Mac Install

Step 1 - Adobe Flash on Mac

You need an up to date copy of Adobe Flash Player in order to run Quest A+. Click the link below to check your version. If you need an update, download and install it from this page.

Check Adobe Flash


Step 2 - Quest A+ Software for Mac

You must install the Quest A+ software if you do not have a recent copy. Download the software using the link below and then install it.

Important - If you have already installed Quest, delete the old version before installing the new version. If you have previously installed the quest browser and need a newer version, be sure to open a Finder window and look in the Applications folder for a file called "Locked Browser". Move this file to your trash before doing new install.

Quest A+ Installer for Mac


Step 3 - Test Quest A+

To test the quest browser click the Quest A+ Main page link below and then click the secure exam button and enter 9999099 in the verify exam pin field. Click the Verify Exam Pin button and click next until locked browser launches. If you get to the personal information page the software is working correctly, hit the exit button.

Quest A+ Main Page

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