Student Password Change

Student Password Changes Info

Creating Your Secure Password

Think about it and have it created before you start.

Has to be min 8 characters, max 12 characrters, must have upper case letter, lower case letter, number and a special character.

It Cannot have a recognizable word in it.

Can’t be to simple , program will tell if it is and won’t set it

Suggest making up a phrase , special place, or something of interest that you can remember then replace characters with numbers and special characters that make sense to you.

Eg. I love to go fishing in the spring -!L2gfits first character of each word Two Jack Lake - 2J@ck!@ke

Palomino - P@l0m!no

Steps for student password changes.

This utility is only available inside our Rocky View network.>Student Password

  • Login using the users’ regular login credentials

  • You must to answer security questions. You will need to set up 4 questions and you will be asked to answer 4 questions if you forget your password and require a password reset.

  • Save the answers and press "Continue"

  • You are able to Change your Password, Set up Security Questions or See Information About your Account.

  • Change your password, check information about password requirements, type twice your new password, and click the Change password button

  • Done.

    Mobile devices will need to have Network connection removed/forgotten and new connection setup.


    Joining "RVS" on your device after password change

    **** Use your username and not your email when connecting to the wifi ***


    iPhone - Forget the RVS wifi and connect it again

    Android/ChromeOS - Forget the RVS wifi and choose the following settings when reconnecting

  • EAP method - PEAP


  • PEAP Phase 2 authentication (if this shows up) - MS-CHAPv2

  • CA certificate - Don't validate

  • Enter in your username name and new password


    *For ChromeOS, after entering in your password, keep pressing connect until you're connected.


    Windows 10

  • Click the Network or Wifi icon on the lower right corner of your screen.

  • Click Network & Internet settings near the bottom of all the wifi ssids

  • On the left side, click on Wi-fi

  • Click Manage Known networks.

  • Under Manage known networks, select RVS and click forget.

  • Rejoin the RVS network with your new password

  • If you can’t connect, restart your computer and try joining RVS again. If that doesn’t work please see your School Tech.

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