Knowledge and Employability


The Knowledge and Employability (dash 4) courses are offered to students who have been identified as suitable candidates. Knowledge and Employability courses are part of a program path that leads to a High School Certificate of Achievement. This document is recognized by Alberta Education as an alternative to the regular high school grade 12 diploma. The High School Certificate of Achievement counts as high school completion. Some students may wish, and are able to earn a High School Diploma with further course work and upgrading.

Students benefit most when their needs and their educational plan are appropriately matched.

·      Students are encouraged to take Knowledge and Employability course to their highest level of achievement.

·      Knowledge and Employability course are intended to provide competencies appropriate for entry-level employment opportunities.

·      Some students may successfully transition to other secondary courses to achieve a high school diploma.

·      Some students may successfully transition to apprenticeship, colleges and other post-secondary opportunities.

·     Click here to go to Parents Handbook. To see the requirements for a High School Certificate of Achievement, go to appendix A at the end of the handbook. To see the transition points to courses to achieve a High School Diploma, go to appendix B.

Enrolment of a student in Knowledge and Employability courses must include consultation with and the informed written consent of parents/guardians and the student.

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