About Our School



We inspire lifelong learners in the pursuit of personal excellence.


Chestermere High School aims to develop students who:

  • exhibit creative and critical thinking
  • adapt to a continually changing technological world
  • develop respectful, responsible and compassionate citizens in the real and digital world
  • prepare students for lifelong learning through career/post-secondary awareness and planning
  • exercise balance between academic, athletic and artistic pursuits
  • demonstrate leadership, teamwork, people skills and problem solving skills to thrive in life after graduation

Professional Learning Framework


  • Learning is a social activity.  Our learning is intimately associated with our connection with other human beings.
  • Motivation is a key component in learning.  Not only is it the case that motivation helps learning, it is essential for learning.  This idea of motivation as described here is broadly conceived to include an understanding of ways in which the knowledge can be used.  Unless we know “the reasons why”, we may not be very involved in using the knowledge that may be instilled in us, even by the most direct teaching methods.
  • The learner’s creativity, higher order thinking, and natural curiosity all contribute to motivation to learn.  Intrinsic motivation is stimulated by tasks of optimal novelty and difficulty, relevant to personal interests, and providing for personal choice and control.
  • Meaning is essential to learning, hence it is essential to teaching and assessing:  learning goals must make sense to the teacher and to the learner.  There must be regular opportunities to see the value of what we are asked to learn, how it relates to past learning and how it will relate to future learning.
  • To maximize learning, learners need multiple opportunities to practice in risk-free environments, to receive regular and specific feedback related to progress against standards, and timely opportunities to use the feedback to re-do and improve.
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